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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Real Time Stories & A Reminiscence By Amit Chaudhuri

There are 16 short stories in this 184 pages book.

Stories are mostly of the modern Indian subcontinent. A wide range.

Among the stories, I like the most is A Man From Khurda District. It's about a man trying to help someone and end-up getting into trouble for himself and his family.

I don't really like the stories in this book. Too many of it with not clear ending and clear story line. More like hanging threads of thoughts. For example"Confession of a Sacrifice". The lady said she was aware that she is being prepared for a sacrifice in the future. But there is no mention of what sort of sacrifice that she is being pushed to. It was left hanging there.

I like story where there is a beginning, middle and preferably and ending. If no ending, at least a hint of it. Instead of just hanging there

1star out of 5.


  1. I've read some titles by Indian authors... find that i kenot really relate to their stories. Dunnno why. Mebbe I tarak paham their culture.

  2. I don't quite enjoy short stories.

    Btw nice new layout. Very refreshing. :)

  3. yikes. this kind of book not for me. even the house rules ending piss me. so this book must make me high blood pressure later


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