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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Inspector Singh Investigates : The Singapore School of Villainy by Shamini Flint

Marathon marathon...finished the one about Bali last night, immediately start with this one about Singapore.

This round, Inspector Singh is in his home turf. A senior partner, Mark Thompson, in a big law firm was murdered in his office at night. The murder seems to be much closer to home since his wife's nephew was one of the suspects.

Not an easy case to solve as there are many suspects and all of them have motives to want Mark Thompson demise.

Could it be his current wife, Marie who is in need of $$? or could it be his vengeful ex-wife? Could it be Quentin who was the one last stout supporter of Mark? Could it be Ai Leen who was prim and proper but behind the scene she was sleeping her way up the cooperate ladder? or could it be Inspector Singh's wife's nephew who seems to have something to hide.?

I find this book very fast paced from the first page. Enjoyed it very much. One thing I don't understand was why in this book Inspector Singh was allowed to continued with the investigation when his relative was one of the suspect.

Overall I give it 3 stars out of 5.

I wonder when will the 4th book be out and where would Inspector Singh go next.?


  1. i like this kind of books. keep me turning pages. lol. why only three star?

  2. I not yet read this, but I think it's that Ai Leen who dunnit la... usually it's the pretentious, preen and proper kinda person is the one who is the bad ppl lorr... cis... see oso know! I hate this kind of people wan u kno? Outside look good, but inside... damn rotten... summore... I wonder... this Ai Leen got sleep with the boss anot? Ishh... sleep all the way up the corporate ladder! Ishhh!

  3. So did u guess the murderer right? Hehe.

  4. Goldflower

    Coz the plot though very kan cheong but seems a bit "out". Cant tell u exactly coz then will reveal the ending pulak

  5. Cleffairy

    Have "sumbat-ed" you the book yesterday evening. Read and find out for yourself :P

  6. Chee Yee

    Nope...but i laughed at myself when Inspector Singh reveal who is the murderer. Very simple explaination :D

  7. Hmmm, not exactly sure about this book as some of your comments leave me feeling that it isn't always believable or realistic. Shame really as I think the cover is beautiful.

  8. Petty

    Is it the one about continueing on though one of the suspects is his relative?

    I like her 1st two books very much


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