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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Forget Me Not by Isabel Wolff

Bought this book from Bookxcess not long ago for RM9-90.

The story is about Anna. At the sudden death of her mother, she realises that life is too short. She need to be doing something which she loves. She gave up her job at the share market to become a Garden Designer.

That very night when she gave up her work to start a "new Life" she had no idea that the new life comes with a baby .

That night she met a handsome man, Xan(Short for Alexander) and they got drunk and a new life was made.

Xan is not one who is into being tied down. At first theirs were the open kind of relationship. That is until Anna discovered that she is pregnant. Xan have news also. He was going to break up with Anna coz he was given an opportunity to go for an overseas posting. When he knew about the pregnancy, he wanted her to have an abortion. Even said that the baby might not been his.

During her pregnancy, she went for the pre-natal class alone. There, she met some interesting ladies. Most have a husband and partner. Only she and another lady, Jenny who is a single mother also. They got on well together.

When Anna gave birth, Xan was not around. Through the stages of the baby(Milly) growing up, Anna continued to e-mail Xan to up date him on Milly progress. Xan have to admit that the baby is his as she has his features.

After birth Anna had to start working again and she met some one new, Patrick. Romance blossom. But the Xan came back and seems to have taken intense dislike to Patrick. Hence start another round of dilemma. Patrick seems to be a "perfect" man but somehow, she still have some feelings towards Xan

Not a bad read. Not your typical Chit-lit also. However, there is room for improvement. Wish she had elaborate more on the part of her father and about Anna's brother, Mark. The explanation at the end was quite abrupt. There was not really anything much that build up to the grand finish.


  1. Aiya why this Anna still wanna care about this Xan.... he's so irresponsible.

  2. Alamak... dun tink this buku is for me. Kindly do not kasi me, tankiu. Later emo!


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