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Monday, November 15, 2010

Following The Wrong God Home By Catherine Lim

Yin Ling is beautiful and has the soul of a poet. She is also engaged to a wealthy man and politically ambitious man, Vincent Chee.

She came from a poor family and Vincent had helped her family a lot especially paying for her mother's cancer treatment. He even tried to tolerant her eccentric old servant, Ah Heng Cheh who is obsessed with the mysterious status of a God which she brought to Singapore from China.. In fact, Yin Ling loves Vincent most when he help out her loved ones.

However, Vincent measured out his love in portion. There is always "I love you but......".

He takes her love for poetry lightly.

Then Yin Ling met Ben Gallagher, an outspoken American Professor. Her poetry brings them together and also because of Ah Heng Cheh.

Vincent came to know about the love blossoming between Yin Ling and Ben. He forgive her. Yin Ling felt obligated to let go of her love to Ben because she felt indebted to Vincent.

They got married and had a baby. Yin Ling loves her son the most. But she can't let go of her love to Ben. When she got to know that Ben have been writing to her and that her mother had intercepted the letters, her hope revived. At one part, she was delighted that Ben still love her but at another part she was reluctant to keep contact with Ben. She loves her son very much

Some things happened and Vincent found out about Ben.They had a confrontation. Vincent is again willing to forgive Yin Ling but.......he can't forgive Ben.

What should I say about this book? At one point, I pitied Yin Ling for marrying someone which she said she love and giving up her true love. A really tormented soul. It's all because of her sense of duty. But at another part, I disliked her for destroying so many life.


  1. Yin Ling should not look back and think about Ben if she has already decided to marry Vincent. She already made the choice. I think I would pity Vincent.

  2. Hmm... this is the case of soulmate but not lovers. *sigh* Dunno why after read this review feel semacam oni. Hmm...=( Love and obligation...if only it's so easy to just walk away...

    Damn, dun kasi me read this book ah. Later I emo...

  3. Cleff

    semacam apa? LOL...i think i got sumbat u this book la

    u go check and see


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