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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Big Bad Wolf Fire Sale 2010

I went to the Big Bad Wolf Fire Sale this afternoon. Books were going for RM5.Magazine was RM3 each. Buy 5 magazine free 1 magazine. 

Vast difference between books during the preview and 1st day. Most of the popular titles are gone. Grabbed by people. Nothing much left in the kids section nor the magazine section

Nevertheless, there are some really good books left for fiction and non-fiction.

At RM5 per book, it is worthwhile to try out new authors. Now it's time for me to hibernate with my hoard of books


  1. Gosh!!! waiting for you to open bigger library now.. not a mini one definitely!

  2. wow u really queen of books shopping! hahaha.... got some books that's in your loot too ;)

  3. Walaoooooo... *shudder* ganas betul! So many buku u sapu!

  4. i really salute you woman! kaolat terer la yooooou!

  5. Cleff

    I sapu u also untung, right? *evil grinz*

  6. Kristie

    so cheap books some more leh.

    My friend from Kemaman lagi terror from me.

  7. Yeah very cheap! Good time to try new author.

    As for me, I have enough fiction books for myself (don't know how long I will take to finish all of them. Lol) and I know no much children books left. So I did not go for the fire sales.

  8. Chee Yee

    ya lor not much chikdren books left


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