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Saturday, November 13, 2010

2nd Round at Big Bad Wolf Sale 2010

Okay...I am officially CRAZY!! Crazy in love with The Big Bad Wolf.

Went to the sale again today...hmm or rather yesterday.

Arrived there around 4.30p.m. No need to queue up to go in but there is still a crowd inside.

Staffs were busy replenishing the books and the customers are grabbing them like hotcakes.

Anyway, I managed to grab 5 books which I missed yesterday. Irene alerted me on that. Bumped into her at the Preview yesterday.

Am comtemplating whether to go for a 3rd round or not.


  1. I also feel like want to go second round... feel like missed a lot on the children books. Hb also said why I did not get anything for him.

  2. oh pengsan , hehehehe. those seems like nice books. when would you go again? hehehe

  3. Scary woman.... ishhh~ I wouldn't dare go BBW... sked kenot tahan the temptations!

  4. Chee Yee

    I heard you went for a 3rd round wor

  5. Mamarazzi

    3rd round? No la. 2 rounds only. :) Still not spending as much as you. LOL!


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