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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Catherine Lim Collection

Found this in the storeroom when sorting out the books the other other day.  I bought this book from the BIG BAD WOLF SALE last year. Have read this almost immediately. Very really good book.

There are 4 books in this collection.

1) The Serpent Tooth

It's something like Amy Tan's Joy Luck Club. Each family have skeletons in the closets and this sometime best left untouched.

There is a lot of flash back from past and present.

Best to be read slowly to enjoy the flavour

2) They Do Return...But Gently Lead Them Back

This consist of 15 short stories mainly about ghosts and  superstitions

I have heard some of the superstition before like the one about knocking noise from a coffin means someone will be dying soon; the one about boy being dress like a girl to deceive bad spirit/God; and about dead spirit lingering on earth.

3) O Singapore! : Stories in Celebration

8 tales about Singaporean and their "kiasuness".

Look out for the story titled "Write, Right, Rite" ; or "how Catherine Lim Tries To Offer Only The Best On The Alter Of Good Singapore Writing". Very entertaining

4) The Woman's Book of Superlatives

Stories about the sufferings of women in the hands of men. Sad.

Overall, am glad that I managed to lay my hands on this book. RM8. Not bad ya.

I wonder why Catherine Lim's books have a certain kind of "sadness" in them


  1. Her best has got to be Little Ironies - Stories of Singapore...

  2. probably writing from esperience ba kot. huhu. i wanna go dating big bad wolf la. haissh

  3. Goldflower

    come la go dating with BBWS

  4. STP

    Been following her books for quite some time. Found that her recent books rather sad

  5. I dun dare read her books liao... keep dream about coffin and dead bodies. Dun wanna read liao... takut! Summore dreamed about those I love die... dun wan, dun wan!

  6. Cleff

    Hahaha...tu la...gatal wanna read that Unhurried Thought. This one is different la. Suit you. Tarak morbid one


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