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Friday, November 26, 2010

Inspector Singh Investigates : A Bali Conspiracy Most Foul By Shamini Flint

Can you imagine my delight in finding this book from The Big Bad Wolf Sale recently?

I have read the 1st book "Inspector Singh Investigates : A Most Particular Malaysian Murder"  and found it absolutely wonderful. A friend who read the same book commented that it was bias. But for me, that's the good thing of fiction. You are allowed to be bias.

Anyway, back to this book. Once again this bubbly Inspector Singh was sent out from his country to help with investigation. He was sent to Bali to help with anti-terrorism efforts. Gosh! His speciality is in murder not anti-terrorism. His bosses really seems to have one on him.

But then a body was found...not body..but a piece of skull was found in the bomb site. There was a bullet hole in the skull. The man was murdered before the bomb exploded.

The Police there were too busy with investigation on the bombing. Hence he was "given" this case to investigate. He was also given a partner,Bronwyn, an Australian lady police who had nearly caused a scandal with her statement to the press.

Inspector Singh found out the identity of the victim. He was Richard Crouch. He and his wife, Sarah just moved to Bali to save their rocky marriage.

First glance, nothing much. But then as usual odd things emerged. Wife with boyfriends on the side, friend who is in need of money, his unusual outing with his Indonesia friends and their odd behaviour.

I find that this story very fast paced and exciting. Shamini must have travelled widely around Bali as she know the little quirks of the local Bali people.

However, the ending was a bit loose at some part. Could have been better.

Overall is a good read

Am looking forward to read the 3rd book tonight


  1. Dono y ah... the Peculiar murder story in Malaysia punya really irritate me... pusing punya pusing... end up the murderer is that feller who admits it. GRRR!

  2. me wan pinjam too. kakakaka. no la. too far away.sobs. like a good read this one

  3. Gold Flower

    wait till u come stay KL 1st la


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