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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

House Rules by Jodi Picoult

A big THANK YOU to Chen Chzan for this early Christmas gift. She knew that I have been eyeing this book since it was first publish. Yup, am a die hard fan of Jodi Picoult book since reading her "My Sister's Keeper".

House Rules is about the family of a boy, Jacob, who have Asperger's syndrome. Asperger's syndrome makes it impossible for him to read social cues and expression himself well to others.

To him, a smirk is same as a smile. He can't differential between the two. If someone tell him to take a seat, he would go and pick up the chair. He takes everything literally.

His father left the family because he can't stand the attention that Jacob received from his mother. Hence, Emma(Jacob's mother) is left alone to raise up Jacob and his younger brother, Theo single handedly.

Emma have set up some House Rules for the family to follow. Among them is "Take care of your brother; he's the only one you have got"

Nevertheless Jacob is not a retard. In fact he is brilliant. He is very focus about forensic analysis. He had a Police Radio Scanner and he kept appearing in crime scene and "helped" the police to solve a crime.

This seems to be harmless until a girl was murdered. This girl was Jacob's tutor.

Suddenly hell break loose when Jacob was suspected for the murder. Even Emma and Theo thought Jacob murdered the girl. But the Emma subsequently able to accept that no matter Jacob did it or not, she would still love him.

In his trial he tried to tell the truth but nobody really listened to him. Things that he said in the Police Station and in Court sound so wrong. He can't get his message across. All evidences point to him.

This is really a good read. Jodi kept the suspense till the end of the story. Don't worry. This is not like My Sister's Keeper where you need a box of tissue. This one is more like gentle suspense story.


  1. Eh Mamarazzi also moving house?

    Sounds like a good book. OK will remember this author name. :)

  2. Omgosh! A blog about books! Love it~
    Thanks for visiting my blog =D

  3. i dun like this book. bad ending. lol. but diff ppl hv diff view.

  4. Chee Yee

    Ya lor ...coz I find it hard to put two a/cs together

  5. Felicia

    Thanks. This Mama Kucing is crazy about books

  6. Put 2 acct tog? For gmail is easy, you can switch 2 diff gmail easily by changing from the dropdown. But for blogger, have to login twice.

  7. I dun like Jodi Picoult style... tak leh masuk otak. Dono why.

  8. bcoz left hanging there wor. will there be retrial? how the affair of his mum with the lawyer? no closure. i so frustrated with the ending. go download other ebook thinking maybe that one got page missing. then google the review, like that one ar, rili end just like that ?:O
    and, many time he want to tell the truth but other people keep shutting him up and dun listen to him too. why???
    and like the writer take every characteristic of aspenger and put it in this kid. the very ekstrem aspenger lor. better tone down a bit ? O_o
    i so much complain. hahaha. later free wan to blog about this aNd complain kau kau!

  9. Goldflower

    No need retrial la. Page 653 & 654 explained.

    Then the father sendiri tarik diri already mah. That one the probem solved halfway for romance blossom or not then u will have to wait Cleff to sambut the story in her hamsup romance book jor. LOL

  10. Chee Yee

    I mean when i post as SK, the posts in MK also turned into MK. I put two authors also still like that

  11. I sooo want to read this one. I am waiting for the paperback.

  12. Lucybird

    My friend got me this book for Christmas. It's paperback

  13. ohmigosh !!!! a book blog !!!! and ohmigosh Jodi Picoult !!!! Hahaha. Been dying to read this book. Thanks for sharing your review :))))

  14. Joanna

    LOL...too many book review in the other blog. so open another one lor

    You are a fan of Jodi? Have all her books?


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