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Monday, November 8, 2010

Wanted : One Special Kiss by Judi McCoy

Lila is the over-shadowed twin and had "escaped" from her planet to seek her freedom on Earth. She is also determined to complete the mission that her mother Planet sent her to Earth to for.

This mission is connected with Paul Anderson. Paul is a small town doctor whose wife ran away with another man. She left him with their twin toddlers. Paul was really desperate for help when Lila show up on his doorsteps.

She seems to be perfect in every way. He was real attracted to her. Lila too was attracted to him

But is in danger too. There is a group of people trying to capture her.

I like those book very much. Something different from your usual romance story. Lila was a wonderful and refreshing.


  1. Chic lit ah? I dunno... sometimes, will pengsan after read chic lit. LOL.

  2. Cleff

    When I read this book, it reminds me of the book you wrote "Royal Masquarade".

  3. When are you going to BBW Book Sales? Friday morning?

  4. Chee Yee

    Hoping to go there on 11th(Preview). Have received their "Informal Invitation". Pending the formal invitation.

  5. *dies* Hinting for my Royal Masquerade pulak. Got to go bodek my publisher for u. =.=


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