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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Highly Effective Detective By Richard Yancey

I bought this book from The Big Bad Wolf Sale last year. A relatively new author to me. But since the price was only RM8, I think it was worth while to take a chance on this.

The story is about Teddy Ruzak who is not the brightest man in the world. He have been living with his mother and work as a security guard since he was kicked out of the Police Accademy.

He have dreamt of being a detective since he was just a kid. After the death of his other, he inherited a huge sum of money. He decided to pursuit his dream of opening a detective agency.

He hired his favourite waitress from the local diner as his Girl Friday.

His first case? It can be said as "wild goose chase". He was hired to find the "murderer" of a bunch of gosling.

But this wild goose chase turns deadly when he stumbled upon a murder case.

He managed to solve the case in the end but the life of his Girl Friday was threaten if he tells the truth. It was a real fix for him.

The plot of the book is good and it's fun to read.

Thank you to BookXcess for bringing this book to BBWS


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