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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Rescue By Nicholas Sparks

It was a dark and stormy night. Denise is a single mother and she was travelling alone with her 4 year old son, Kyle. Kyle is not your normal boy. He have speech problem and can't really communicate much with the people around him. Denise love Kyle very much. He is her life.

Denise car went in to a spin when she tried to avoid a deer. She woke up in the dark. A man face was at the window. He was Taylor McAden, a volunteer fireman. Taylor is not your ordinary man. He was a contractor but also a dare devil. Whenever there is a risky mission, he is the 1st one that volunteer for it

Denise was horrified when she discovered that Kyle was no longer in the car. There were a search an rescue team.

Taylor managed to find and rescue Kyle.

Taylor and Denise was mutually attracted to each other. But then, Taylor have a problem. Whenever a relationship grows closer, he would break off with the woman. His previous girlfriends said there is one part of him where they can't seems to reach. He want to rescue people but deep down inside he hide a dark secret and needed rescuing.

I like this book very much especially the character, Denise. Though she was young and made a mistake in her life, she did not give up. In fact she started to build a life of her own with her son even though the son have some problem. She gave up a lot for him

I hate Taylor's character. I really don't know what the heck he wanted. He wanted to "rescue" people but then in the end he is the one who hurt the people he rescue. His previous girlfriends all were having problems of their own when he rode in like a knight in shining armour to rescue them. But when they wanted more, he back out.

The way he giving them hope like that and the dashing them is just  despicable. If yes, say lah yes..if no, then say lah no.

The way that he hurt Denise and Kyle by backing away like that is just too wicked even though he had his own devil to deal with.

I guess this book aptly portray what people like to do nowadays.


  1. Eh... I haven't read this one. Never even see this book by Nicholas Spark before. Gonna have to go find it. Sounds like quite a good book to read. Issit a typical Nicolas Spark 'summer romance' theme again?

  2. Sounds like this was both a hit and miss affair for you with your last sentence saying it all.

    I love your blog header, especially the hedgehog and as for the apples with the date in them, how sweet.

  3. He wanted to "rescue" people but then in the end he is the one who hurt the people he rescue - sounds contradicting. But yes there are some people are like this. Sometimes feel like not make sense.

  4. Cleffairy

    I thought you dont like his books? LOL. Yup..kinda like that but that Taylor really made me angry with his "sissy" attitude

  5. Petty

    LOL...kinda frustrated by the Taylor character

    Ohh I got this Template from BTemplate

  6. Chee Yee

    WHen you read this book I think you will feel like wanna throw the book at this Taylor.

    You know people high hopes then dashing them...Kesian Denise especially when Kyle like Taylor and had started to warm to him.

    then Taylor got cold feet pulak. Give Denise all sorts of nonsense excuses not to meet up with them

  7. hehehe,i think hor , i had a relationship with this kind of guy before. they want to rescue u, but when get too close they scared and back off.


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