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Friday, December 3, 2010

Skipping Christmas By John Grisham

Christmas is just around the corner, so I thought of reading something "Christmassy".

Luther and Nora Kranks thought of skipping Christmas this year since their daughter Blair had gone to Peru to help out with the poor children there under the Peace Corp.

Luther convinced Nora to "skip" Christmas this year and join a Caribbean 10 days cruise.

They are not going to put up any Christmas decoration, buy any gifts nor hold Christmas Party.

However, this does not goes well with their neighbour who are into Christmas spirit. The neighbours were horrified and had used various method to convince the Krank to join in the Christmas fun. The more they push, the more Luther got angry. It's their life and if they want to skip Christmas this year, then nobody should stop them and that nobody CAN stop them

That is till when they received a sudden call from Blair. The fun begin.

There was a movie based on this book. I preferred the movie to the book coz I love Tim Allen in that show. He was pretty funny.


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