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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Wedding By Nicholas Sparks

I have been reading Nicholas Sparks novel non-stop for the past few days. Chen Chzan lend me a stack of them. This is the last book(I think).

The Wedding is a sequel to The Notebook. Here, Noah is old and Allie had pass away. Noah is staying in a Home.

The Wedding continue with Noah's daughter, Jane.

Wilson Lewis is an attorney and had been married to Jane for nearly 3 years. They fell in love when they were young. But somehow they have grown apart.

It is not that they no longer love each other but first works comes in the way. Wilson was always busy with work. Making ends meet.

Then comes the children. Jane was busy with them.

Later the children grew up. House were empty. Just the two of them. Don't know what to talk about. So the distance grew.

Till one night Jane let out a sob. Wilson was curious. Then Jane wished him "Happy anniversary" and then Wilson saw the gifts for him on the table. It was their 29th anniversary and Wilson had totally forgotten about it.

He felt horrible. The next day he went and order flowers for Jane.
All seems to be normal till Jane said she wanna visit their son. Wilson offer to go with her but she told him she wanted time alone. She doesn't know when she will be coming back.

Only then did Wilson knew how much he had hurt her. Wilson does not know how to get her to forgive him/ He visited Noah often and one time he mentioned this to Noah. Then Noah told him a story which gives him an idea.

Wilson started to court Jane all over again. Spending more time with her.

Then something happen less than a month before their 30th anniversary. Their daughter Anna suddenly announce that she had fell in love and want to get married in just a few weeks.

Jane was shocked as she had wanted Anna to have a beautiful wedding but Anna wanted a simple wedding. Just register with the Registrar and nothing else.

Wilson managed to persuade Anna for a compromise. Hence, Jane got to help Anna to arrange for a reception., wedding photograph, wedding gowns and all that.

All went well till the day of the wedding.

I think this is the 1st story that Sparks write which is without a hit of bitterness in the ending. A beautiful book


  1. Nice ah? I think I can stomach this one. =.=

  2. It looks like you like Nicholas Sparks a lot. I haven't read any of his books yet. I need to, though.

  3. How many couples will not grow apart after married for 29 years? And how many couples will realize it before too late?

  4. Jenni

    I got hooked after reading The Notebook

  5. i think ar human nature to take things for granted . i cnt imagine my hubby dun rmber anniversary, he wan me kill him hah? ish!I hvnt read any of his book. must read one ar?

  6. Gold Flower

    U wait till u married 30 yrs with a bunch of kids then u baru say then both of u would be so busy till own surname also forgotten LLOL

  7. wahlau~ how can own surname oso forget. choi choi ! hah! if i still alive after 30year anniversary, i should write a tell it all book lor. LOL!

  8. Gold Flower

    Choi choi of course you will still be alive


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