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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Claire Tham Collection

When I spotted this book at The Big Bad Wolf Sale, I was like 15..16...whether to buy or not. It's a case of judging a book by it's cover. The cover looks dirty and "worn". I tried to find a "good" copy. But every copy looks the same. Moreover, I had two boxes  full of books in my trolley.

In the end I was won over by the author's name. Those who know me know what I meant.

By the way, I discovered when I came home that the cover has been purposely printed that way. It's not dirty nor worn out.

There are 3 Collections of short stories in this book.

First being  "Fascist Rock : Stories of Rebellions". There are 8 stories in this part.True to the title, it contains stories of rebellious youth.  Stories based in Singapore, Britain and etc.

I find most of the characters in this part at first were mostly portray and brats but deep in their soul they were searching for the meaning of life. Some are pretty must abstract.

The Second collection "Saving The Rain Forest and Other Stories" have a more matured story line. There are 7 stories here.

Stories are about the desire for individualism and the social norm. What happen when these two doesn't go along with each other.

The being "The Gunpowder Trail and Other Stories". 6 good stories here.

Here, it show what happen when an individual takes a step further for self gain and to continue with self destruction.

A girl who watches silently when her father is being kidnapped; a traffic policeman who accept bribe; a banker who escape town and etc.

This is a case of do not judge a book by it cover. A good book to read when you are emotionally stable. Be forewarned, it is not a book for one who is easily depressed because some parts are very depressing.


  1. hey.. how did you do that!!! Claire Tham collection...hahaha.......

  2. Depressing book again kah? Den dun pinjam me... later dpress again... me very easy emo when read buku. :(

  3. OK lor, not for me. Hahaha! Anyway I don't have much interest in short stories. Hehe.

    Been reading lots of romance lately. I think that helps self healing. At least for me.

  4. Claire

    By magis LOL....

    My eyes nearly dropped when I saw this book. Then I saw the cover like very dirty ah..thought dont wanna buy already. Then think think....CLAIRE THAM wor....must buy LOL

  5. Chee Yee

    LOL...romance ah...satu gang with Cleffairy. Go ask her to loan you her bookks


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