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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Conspiracy Club By Jonathan Kellerman

Dr Jeremy Carrier, a young psychologist, was dating a nurse, Jocelyn Banks when she was brutally murdered. As usual, the police would make the boyfriend as their suspect first. There is no difference in this case.

As a result from that, he had become a blacksheep in the hospital where he worked.

Then more women turns up murdered and the police paid a a few more visit.

Jeremy started to wonder and wanted to investigate himself. And out of the blue he started to received notes/ hints in his mail. These hints are very suspicious. It could be a clue or it could be a trap

Then there is another doctor, Arthur who was formerly attached to the hospital who also aroused his curiousity.

Jeremy does not know who is the friend and who is his enermy

I don't really like this book because the pace was kind of slow and not that much of suspense unlike his others novel.


  1. was here hehe nice blog u have here

  2. Sometimes... your enemy is your friend, and your friend is an enemy. That's life. =( Not everyone is good.

  3. I thought must be a good book but some how ur ending said the pace was slow and not much suspense.

    Cleff - your enemy is your friend, and your friend is an enemy - very sad hor. Or maybe they cannot be considered even as friend since we can't differentiate whether they are friend or enemy? They are just someone that we know, but not friend.

  4. do u buy these books or rent them? :O

    btw.. im gonna watch TRON LEGACY tomorrow!! ;D

    u watching ??

  5. Chee Yee

    his other woks very kan cheong but nit this one. This one like very "lai lai han" written

    Well we will never know who is friend or foe. Some will do nasty things to you when they thing you wont know.

    I dislike these type of ppl. Me straight forward. If i dont like i will say dont like. No point hiding behind a mask

  6. Jensem

    I bought most of them thanks to the shop like Paylessbooks and BookXcess.

    Some are loan to me by friends.

    Nah...not gng to the cinema anytime soon. Mbe will get the dvd or what

  7. Isn't this funny, I've just read my first book by this author - to be reviewed sometime this week and didn't really enjoy it either.

    In your comments you mention his other books - which one(s) would you recommend I try if I decide to read any more of his work?

  8. Petty

    I have read The Clinic and Monster. These two were okay for me

  9. if slow paced, then can skip few pages also nvrmind. hehehhe

  10. Gold Flower

    But if skip page then not syok la


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