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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Summer Harbor by Susan Wilson

Ever since she was a kid, Kiley Wilson, have loved the summer coz during summer they will go to the family summer house at Hawke's Cove.

She had two best friend there, Mack(the rich boy) and Grainger(the poor boy). But to the three of them nothing  matters as they are the best of friends.

As they grow up bit by bit, both boys seems to be attracted to Kiley.

Then something happened during one summer. And Kiley never been back there again.

That is until recently when her son, Will, was caught smoking dope. And her parents planned to sell off the summer house to finance Will's education.

Kiley was reluctant to go there to check out the things there but her parents were unable to go also due to health problem

Kiley had to go and bring along Will to get him away from the friends influence.

Kiley had to face up to her past and Will was curious of the identity of his father for Kiley had never told him nor her parent about Will's father.

This is overall not a bad real. Enough suspense to keep me wondering. A nice books to curl up during a rainy day and a day when you need romance


  1. now i wonder what happened. one of them must be the father. the son must be bad boy because seeking attention and don't have father love. hm hm!!

  2. Eh... sounds familiar la the story...pinjam?

  3. ooh I guess what had happened during one summer must be related to Will and thus she's not going back there again.

  4. Gold Flower

    The son not really that bad boy. The son was dumped by his gf so "kek sum" and did stupid thing lor. Got caught

  5. Cleffairy

    Pinjam what? already with you la. It's the 4-in-1 book in the Readers Digest edition


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