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Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks

Landon Carter is a 57 years old man who recounted back the year where his life changed. It was 1958 and he was 17 years old boy

His family was not rich but life was not bad. His father was a Congressman. His grandfather was not a good man. He was a bootlegger and was sort of a loan shark.

Landon was not entirely a bad boy but neither was a good one also. He and his friend used to tease the town's Baptist Minister, Hegbert.

Meantime, Hegbert also seems to dislike the Carters much.

Hence it was very surprising that Landon fell in love with Hegbert pious daughter Jamie.

Jamie is an angel. A good girl. The two of them have nothing in common except Drama class. As they got to know each other, Landon start to like Jamie while being teased by his friends. Landon gradually sees the side of Jamie which makes him fall in love with her.

Unfortunately, this love was not meant to be unless there is a miracle.

As always with Sparks's books, the is always a hint of sadness in the end.



  1. sobs story ar? might read it when i want to cry. sobs!

  2. Gold flower

    I thought u like sobs story?

  3. i look for it when i need to cry one. but hor if i dun wan cry, i dun wan read sad story. hehehehe

  4. Gold Flower

    hashaha...the read happy story la


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