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Saturday, December 18, 2010

More Than Half The Sky

Another gems stolen from The BIG BAD WOLF. It's a compilation of creative writing by 30 Singaporean women which consist of dramas, short stories and poetry.

It highlights the life of the women in Singapore. Their relationship in work, with their husband, with their kids, with their parents and the society. Very thought provoking

As with these type of book, I find that some stories would hold my interest while some would just fall flat.

I like "The Matchmaker", a drama that highlight more and more Singapore woman stayed single and the reason why.

I don't like "Bandong"  as the story was too confusing and consist of too many four letters word though the words are there to make the story a more realistic feel.

Overall, this book is quite good.


  1. Some Singaporean authors really write morbid stories... tormented souls... like Cat Lim. I got scared of reading em....

  2. Cleffairy

    hahaha...some of the stories are real good

    You should read the poetry. I think maybe you will like


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