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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks

 My friend, Chen Chzan, went and dig out her collection of Nicholas Sparks books when she got to know that I like his writings.

The Guardian is a bit out of the norm for Nicholas Sparks usual style which is mostly about love. This book have is a book about love and a hint of thriller.

Julie Barenson's husband, Jim, died when she was just 25 years old. They were so in love. Knowing that Julie will be lonely after his death, Jim had arranged for a puppy to be delivered to her after his death together with a letter stating that he will be her watching over her even though in death.

Strangely enough the dog which she named "Singer" have an almost human like attitude and seems to understand her every word.

For a long time, Julie mourn  for Jim.

During this period, Jim's best friend Mike fell in love with Julie but he dare not voice out.

Then Julie started to date again. There were some disastrous dates till she met the mysterious Richard who seems to be every woman dream man. Richard courted Julie in the earnest .

Mike also came out of his shell and started to express his feelings to her and Singer like Mike. Julie was not sure whether to choose Mike or Richard for she didn't want to jeopardise her friendship with Mike should their romance does not work out.

But then Julie noticed something about Richard which makes her feel uncomfortable. When she tries to break off with Richard, strange things started to happen. There is more to Richard than what's meets the eyes.

Mike tried to protect her but even Mike also got in trouble with the law because of that.

Things started rolling and till the end of  the book

I love this book very much. It have just the right hint of romance and the suspense. Am a bit sad also as Sparks seems to love to put a bit of sadness at the end of his books


  1. Mr. Sparks is my saudara... likes to torture his characters... the only difference between him and me is just that I prefer my characters not dead by the end of the story! LOL!

  2. I hope the ending is a good one. When come to relationship and romance, I like good and happy ending.

  3. Cleffairy

    You prefer you characters to die a.s.a.p is it? LOL...torture the evil witch ya :P

  4. Chee Yee

    Hard to say without revealling to much. His books you can always expect some thing sweet and something bitter at the end

  5. Jensem

    The Guardian or Nicholas Sparks?

  6. sobs! i think i am most interested in this book. should read it!

  7. Gold flower

    Ya..should read. Cari e-book la


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