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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Sight Of The Stars By Belva Plain

The story is began in the early 1900.

Adam was just a kid born out of wedlock. His father loved his mother but when his mother got pregnant, the church refused to marry them. In the end his mother died and his father left to take care of him

His father loves him a lot and subsequently remarried to Rachel. A humble and gentle woman. Adam have two step brothers, Jonathan (the gentle one) and Leo( the bookish, ugly and snobbish one)

Adam father owns a small store and Adam helped him. But Adam is an intelligent and bright fellow. He i not make for the small town.

One day an investment banker told him that he should go out to the world and seek his fortune. Adam was reluctant to leave his father and yet he wanted to go out and see the world

He had his father's permission to do so

In 1907 he went out and seek his fortune . He came to a town where he met with the beautiful and intelligent Emma Rothirch. He stayed and worked for Emma's aunt.

To him, Emma is like an unreachable star. She is a gentle lady while he is just a poor man.

But with his hard work and bright brain, he soon made a small fortune. The aunt finally relented and let him marry Emma.

But soon because of a moment of weakness he nearly lost everything that was important to him.

An enchanting love story and of a man who have made it from zero to hero and then back to earth again.


  1. Sounds like a very good story to read...those old days... the church are really judgmental... and alot ppl fell victim to them...see the witches of Salem... not all are witches... most are innocent women.


  2. the weakness must be because gatal liao. ish. hahaha.

  3. Cleffairy

    this is the old day punya book la. Jewish and catholic mah. Both church tak kasi kahwin

  4. I like the sound of this. Amazing to think how things have changed in a relatively short period of time.


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