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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Unhurried Thoughts At My Funeral by Catherine Lim

Thank you very much, Chen Chzan for this book. Just finished reading this two days ago but haven't have time to post about it.

This is a fiction about the 3 days that Catherine Lim had pass away where she lay in the coffin before being cremated. Her thoughts and her doubts.

There are parts where people come to pray to her for help, part where Natas(Satan) came to seduce her, part where her love ones show their true colours and part where she "bargain" with God.

The part where Satan made her question the existence of God and doubtful whether God is a forgiving God or not was interesting

In Asian society, I guess it's rather a taboo to be speaking of death and let alone writing about oneself being dead. This lady really have guts.

Very fascinating story. Cleff, this story is definitely not for you. Could be depressing also.


  1. wah! open a new branch ke ? hehe ... sounds like a morbid book .. am still struggling to finish my current one time ..uhuhu

  2. this is reality i day we have to face it sooner or later.. hope it will be much much later.. yes, dont give cleff.. lend me better.. :)

  3. Hidayah

    Open new branch for book review :D

  4. Wah died already still can write book ke? LOL!

    Depressing? Guess not for me also. But the story looks interesting!

  5. Chee Yee

    On asumption that she had died lo

  6. Claire

    Yup..her thought are rather morbid

  7. Haizzz... really sound interesting lahhh... imagine someone who lay in her coffin... thinking of the afterlife and what will happen next

  8. Cleffairy

    You really wanna read this ah?


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