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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Lovely Bones By Alice Sebold

Just finished this book. Am feeling extremely sad and depressed. Guess I will have to stop reading this sort of book. But can't help myself as this book is very good.

Story start with Suzie Salmon narrating about her life in heaven and how she observed her family and friends on earth getting on about the news of her murder. And later on how they deal with that

Suzie was murdered. But her body was never found with exception of an elbow.

She even have the opportunity to observe her murderer.

What got me so sad and depressed was the hopelessness of the situation. From Suzie's description. She can have everything in Heaven. Even the air was tuned to her personal preference. Everything seems to be perfect but how come I feel so empty reading that? She should have been happy but instead she felt "comforted". What if life in heaven is THAT mundane?

I also felt sad for her dad. He "knew " who was the murderer but nobody believed him till it's too late. On engrossing himself to hunting for the murderer, he had also pulled himself away from his beloved wife. His wife had felt lonely and restless for so long.

Am not satisfied with the ending of the story for I love good ending. But then, nothing in this world is perfect, right? Perfect ending don't happen for every case in this world.

Really a very touching story.  I wonder how Alice Sebold managed to come up with such a sad story.

 bought this book from BookXcess last week. It's in their new shipment. Go and grab this book if you want a good cry. Worth cry for.


  1. Oh, I had read this and also watched its movie. Pity the girl, being murdered by that old man.
    indeed a sad yet touching one!

  2. I didn't like the ending either.. I guess I need a more obvious sense of justice :)

  3. I watched the movie. Haven't read the book yet.

  4. Amanda

    Hmmm...haven't watch the movie yet. I wonder if the movie follows the book or not

  5. Hidayah

    But what to do...this world is not perfect.

  6. First time here .. Reading your review here I know this will be a good book.. But I dont want sad story lah, hehe.. I will go for other reviews in this blog :)

  7. Sad story and yet the title is called Lovely Bones? Not lovely at all! Hehehe.

  8. Mummy Moon

    Some people loves to read sad story. Very moving tale

  9. I oso read liao... feel unhappy after read. This is a no no book for me. :(

  10. i think i read this book long long time ago. i love sad book to cry for. hehehe. crying is good. lol

  11. Goldflower

    have you read her other books? Is it as sad as this one? I saw "Almost Moon" Thought wanna buy but worried that it will be as sad if not sadder than this one


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