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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Baker's Wife by Erin Healy

Geoff Bofinger was a pastor until he was fired from the Ministry based on a lie which rocks the community. However, both Geoff and his wife Audrey were not the type that give up easily.

They start up a new business that blossom from their hobby. They opened up a Bakery. Helping them to run it was their son Ed. Life was challenging enough for them. Nevertheless, the family struggle to hang in there and face the storm that comes upon them.

One morning foggy morning, Audrey hit something when she was driving to work. When she got down and investigate all she saw at the scene was a  motor scooter and there was blood everywhere. The weird thing is that there was no body insight.

The motor scooter belongs to a local school teacher who happens to be the wife of Police Detective, Jack Mansfield.

As the case hits dead end, Jack was convinced that Audrey had something to do with the disappearance of his wife's body. He stormed into the bakery and took everyone hostage. Gave Audrey time to produce his wife body or else......

Audrey had to relay on her special gift and the help of two person of which one was an ex-convict while the other was a teenager to help her solve the mystery and save her family.

This book is a page turner for me as the storyline was well paced  and exciting.

The characters were well developed and believable. Each have their good and their bad.

What I like about this books is that Audrey have the ability to sense what other people is suffering. Something like psychic power. It makes the story feel more mysterious and thrilling.

I would recommend this for those who love to read a good mystery .

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com  The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255  : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Friday, October 28, 2011

Swimming Pool Sunday by Madeline Wickham

"Swimming Day" is an annual tradition with the Delaneys for many year. The whole village would come and enjoy themselves at the Delaney's swimming pool. It's for Charity.

This year is no exception. Louise and her estranged husband, Barnaby were there with their daughters. The kids were playing at the pool while she was sun basking  dreaming of her new boyfriend, Cassian, a lawyer. It was prefect till an accident happened. Recrimination started to fly  and the village is divided in opinion of whose fault is it.

This is the first book which Madeline Wickham(Madeline Townley) that I have read. I have read some of her other books which she wrote under the pen name "Sophie Kinsella".  I was expecting something similar in the likes of the Shopaholic series. It's not. This is something more serious in comparison.

I can't help feeling de javu when reading this. Jodi Picoult's "House Rules" plot is pretty similar to this book. I find that I enjoyed Jodi's book more and the characters are more believable.

I find that the character, Louise, was pretty shallow and cold. She had a husband who loves her and who is responsible and yet she went hankering after Cassian. Her reason? Cassian offers a more glamorous life. She was warned by Ursula Delaney about the children at the pool and she choose to ignore it. When accident happen, did she fell guilty? Instead, she felt only anxiety about the daughter till she neglected the other daughter. It's like there is not enough "spices" in the character. Throughout these "episodes", I don't feel anything for her. I just can't connect with the character.

There weren't much connection of the supporting characters to the main story too. Meredith is Hugh and Ursula's daughter in-law who live with them after the death of her husband and have feelings towards Alexis, the family friend. Nothing much elaborate after that.

Alexis having an affair with Daisy who is 18 years old and young enough to be his daughter.

It would be better if the characters have more depth in them and more involved in the story instead of just the surface. Can't say I sympathised with any characters in this book.

This is a nice book. If I haven't read Jodi's "House Rules", I would say this book is pretty good.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

Another germ...oppss...I mean gem from BBWS. (RM8 hardcover)

The story starts with a Peeping Tom Sheriff, snapping photos of naked sunbathing co-ed girls.He was "caught" by a mysterious stranger with a fierce dog. The mysterious strange was Logan Thibault, an ex-US Marine.

Logan have been extremely "lucky"during his tour of duty in the Marine. In fact, he was so lucky till his fellows Marine were kinda scared of him. His team members were killed and injure in the war. However, Logan again and again was safe.

His lucky streak begin on his 3rd tour of duty in Iraq where he picked up the photograph of a young woman. Nobody claims the photo. His best friend, Victor, believes that this photo is Logan's Lucky Charm.

When he came home he can't get his mind off the photo. Victor had cautioned him not to loose the photo else bad luck will come to him and that he owes a debt to the woman in the photo. Victor told him that he must go and find the woman in the photo to settle his debt or else things would never be balanced.

Something happened and it pushed Logan to start his search...on foot. He walked alone expect for his dog Zeus, search for the woman in the photograph. And when he finally found her, he thought he knew what he must do . But there seems to be more to it that what meets the eyes.

The woman in question is Elizabeth, a single mother to a delightful boy Ben. Her ex-husband  is still very possessive towards her. And Logan found himself falling for her.

This story really gives me the creeps... in a good sort of way. Why not? There a ghost, a pretty outspoken granny and a damsel in distress. If that is not enough to keep the page turning, I don;t know what will. I wish I can tell you how clever the ending is but I guess it's better to read it for yourself. Its enough to say that the ending will bring out your tears or sorrow and tears of happiness.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Marrying Mom by Olivia Goldsmith

I picked up this book at the recent BBWS. Can't say that I liked all her books but since this cost only RM8, it was worth the risk.

The story about three siblings, Sigourney(Susan), Sharon and Bruce, who panicked when their widowed mother Phyllis decided to move to New York City from Florida. She was not the best mom in the world and had not been there for them when they needed her but out of the sudden, her conscience got to her and she felt the need to go NYC to help straighten their lives.

Sigourney changed her name from Susan coz it was too plain. She seems to have a hard time getting a man of her own and had always felt responsible for her siblings.

Sharon married a slobs who was too happy to stay unemployed while Sigourney help out financially with the kids educations and needs.

Bruce is gay and had hard time on commitment. His business is going down the drain.

When Phyllis decided to pay them a visit, they were horrified and worried that she will interfere with their life. Out of panic, the hatch up a plan to marry off mommy dearest to the next available man (preferably rich and can help them financially).

This may not be as good as The First Wives Club but it was sure entertaining and a hilarious read. Definitely pick you out of your gloom.

Some parts were a bit corny but does spice up the story.

The author sure had a lot of sense of humour and put in many punchline in this book.

I love it

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

Sorry for the long silence. Been rather busy with my hoard of books from the Big Bad Wolf Sale. Went there three rounds. Bought over 100 books. Getting book mad already

Here is a book that I got from the BBWS "The Last Song" by Nicholas Sparks. I finished this in just a few hours. Guess this speaks how much I like this book.

The story is about 17 years old Veronica(Ronnie) who was "forced" to spend time with her father. Her parents was divorced and she was angry at her father. The out of the blue, her mom thinks its best that she and her brother to spend the summer with her father in North Carolina.

Her father was a former concert pianist and was her former teacher. He now lives in a small town by the beach. When Ronnie arrived there she rejected all her father's attempt to be her friend.

Unwittingly she got caught up with the town's gang headed by the scary Marcus. Marcus wanted her but he gives her the creeps.

Ronnie bumped into Will. He is the town heartthrob. Slowly, Ronnie let down her guard and fell in love. In doing so, she also got to know her father better.

This is a story of young love, friendship, love between parent and their child and most important of all is the love of God. How the love can hurt us and how it can heal us.

Some people may not like this book as it's not that realistic coz all the condition were very ideal to begin with. There were no grudged between the divorced parents; Ronnie and Will were sensible kids to begin with.

For me, this book leaves me with a warm and fuzzy feeling. It's like being young again with no encumbrance in life, bright future with a dose of uncertainty ahead and stuffs like that. When I read this book, I felt light.

I felt that in this book, the author had reveal more of his relationship with God than in any of his other book. There are many reference made regarding God's will.

As usual, be prepare for a hint of heart break at the ending though things are made stronger by it. I recommend this book for those who needs a dose of hope and to feel young again.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Angels by Marian Keyes

Synopsis by

A new Marian Keyes novel is always something to celebrate, and her sixth novel, Angels, will have you cheering. From the first couple of sentences: "I'd always lived a fairly blameless life. Up until the day I left my husband and ran away to Hollywood, I'd hardly ever put a foot wrong" to the hugely satisfying last page, you're immediately involved in the story of Maggie Walsh's life; of how it went wrong, and then went right again.

The Walshes starred in a previous Keyes novel, the delightful Rachel's Holiday; Maggie is Rachel's older sister, (one of five) and the only one who "never did any of that nasty sleeping around business". Instead she got married to her first boyfriend Paul Garvan and everything was fine, until they suffered a couple of "setbacks".

Unable to face sorting out the difficulties, Maggie hightails it to Los Angeles to stay with her old pal Emily. Emily is a script writer, her short film A Perfect Day was a big hit in Ireland, but her working life is a little tougher in the land of sunshine and fat-free Pringles.

My Comments

When I pick up this book, a lady told me it's quite dry. She can't get pass page 5 of the book. I did managed to get beyond page 5. Read it till the end and I agree with her opinion.

The main character, Maggie, was weak. I find it that it's hard for me to love her despite her pitiful plead that her husband is two timing her by going out with another woman. For one thing, who is she to complain as she was pining for a "closure" from her ex-boyfriend who ditched her without a word.

The plot was rather tame. Nothing much in terms of surprising twist or things like that.

However, this will not deter me from reading other books from this author as a friend told me this author have some real good books.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Koyal Dark, Mango Sweet by Kashmira Sheth

Synopsis from

Jeeta’s family is caught up in the whirlwind of arranging marriages for her two older sisters, but the drama and excitement leave Jeeta cold.

Even though tradition demands the parade of suitors, the marriage negotiations and the elaborate displays, sixteen-year old Jeeta wonders what happened to the love and romance that the movies promise?

She dreads her turn on the matrimonial circuit, especially since Mummy is always complaining about how Jeeta’s dark skin and smart mouth will turn off potential husbands. But when Jeeta’s smart mouth and liberal ideas land her in love with her friend’s cousin Neel, she must strike a balance between duty to her tradition-bound parents, and the strength to follow her heart.

My Comments:

I like this book. It's written in the voice of Jeeta and it have a very innocent ring to it. She is just beginning to discover life and that there is something more in life than getting married and having kids.

The author have put in many scene where Jeeta's character can bloom. There is very strong reference in the tradition and I love to read about the traditions in other country.

It's a very clean book. No inappropriate sexual reference not violence involved.

I would recommend it to young adults.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Golden Bones by Sichan Siv

Bought this quite some time ago. Only got around to read it last week.

This is the real story of a Cambodian boy who made it to America and to the White House. It's an amazing journey.

Sichan Siv was the youngest son of a Police Chief and have love to learn since young. He continued his studies even though after his father passed away and the family was not financially well off.

He came to be an employee of U.S relief agency. But Pol Pot overthrew the government his life was in danger along with his family members. It's known that the Khmer Rouge hates educated people and would execute them in a blink of an eye.

His dear mother and sister had told him to run and never to give up hope. He cycled across Cambodia hoping to go to Thailand. He survived due to his fast thinking. But the he was captured and put into a slave labour camp. He was ready to give up hope when he remembered what his mother had told him "never give up hope".

He reached Thailand in the end but not without some horrifying experience. He was selected to be sent to America.

He reached America, he felt homesick and worried about his family back home. And yet he did not let this deter him from starting a new life there. He worked as an apple picker, a cab driver and burger flipper but he never give up hope. He improved himself and was offered a job in the White House. He was US Ambassador to the U.N.

This is a very impressive biography if I do say so. Not many could have done what he had done.

The book was quite detailed. However, there are some places where it's a bit dry. This can't be helped as he was trying to give the readers a complete background on the political situation in order for them to understand what he was trying to say.

A good read

Friday, October 7, 2011

Purchases from Big Bad Wolf Sale Preview

Guess most of you know that The Big Bad Wolf Sale 2011 is starting on 7th - 16th October 2011. Today, I was lucky to be invited for the preview of the sale.

What is that to say? Wanna guess what's inside this big black bag?

Palm size books for kids costing RM3 each

Kids books costing RM5 each

Kids books costing RM6 each

Kids books costing RM8 each

Fiction. non-fiction. sci-fic and romance RM8 each.

Total damage enough to get half of the yearly Annual Tax Rebate for purchases of books

Check out for the Big Bad Wolf Sale Preview