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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Behaving Badly by Isabel Wolff

Summary :

Miranda Sweeting have a special career. She is an animal behaviourist. She can analyse the mind and behaviour of any animals and help the owners to understand their pets better and yet she can't work out the mind of the men in her life. They kept behave badly.

Finally she gave up on men and set up her own clinic to help neurotic pets and their owners. But this does not keep the men at bay.

What is worse is that she unearthed a hunky photographer. Unfortunately, there is a dark secret in her past that may prevent their relationship from blooming.

My comments :

I have been reading many depressing books lately. Don't really feel good. Have you ever let a book affect your daily mood?

Well, that's why I collect a lot of Chick-lit . There are like chocolates to the soul.

Yes, I desperately need something light and fluffy to read

Unfortunately this is not really fluffy type of book. It's light but also rather gripping reads.

The author kept me wondering what is the dark secret that have been haunting Miranda and when the secret was revealed, there's the thrill of anticipation of how it would end. Yes, the author certainly kept all the cards close to her heart.

What I don't like about the book is that the relationship between Miranda parents was not fully developd. It would be nice if the author add in more "funnies" about Miranda's parents.

Nevertheless, I would sure to hunt for more of Isabel Wolff books at the coming Big Bad Wolf Books Sale. Just hope I can find them under the 3.0millions books.

Am giving this book 4 stars out of 5.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Big Bad Wolf Books Sale : Mission 63!

Great news !!! I nearly had an heart attack when I login my Facebook and saw these....

Aren't this great new? Well ...any mad book lovers out there? Time to dig out your most presentable Pajama and have a Pajama party at the sale. Instead of sleeping, let's shop till you drop!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Another Easy Way to Win Big Bad Wolf Books Sale Preview Passes

It's less than THREE (3) weeks to go to the biggest books sale, The BIG BAD WOLF BOOKS SALE!

Have you managed to secure Preview Passes to the sale yet? It's really worth it if you managed to get a pass.

They have organised many contests , giving out Preview Passes to those who won.

What I noticed is that many people had join the Quick Fire Quiz, Prizes for Prices and Super Sidekicks. To many come away disappointed coz of the time frame and he number of people trying to get a spot.

But there are two more contests that many out there had forgotten to join. Yup! It's "CONTEST – Citizen Superheroes".Very easy contest.

Here is the contest which I found in and the rules from their website :

August 14, 2012

CONTEST – Citizen Superheroes

Everyone has a superhero inside. Show us your inner hero in costume, get friends to vote for you, and you could win a preview pass to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale! The more people who enter, the more people who win!
Single Heroes – click here
Hero Teams – click here
  1. This contest is open to all Malaysian citizens and residents.
  2. There are two categories – individual and group.
  3. Contestants must upload a picture of themselves in an original superhero costume.
  4. Costumes should be U-rated.
  5. Submission for the final round ends at 11.59 pm, Friday November 23.
  6. Voting lasts until 11.59 pm, Friday November 30.
  7. The most popular qualified citizen superheroes will win one preview pass (admits two) to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. Please provide a valid email address for us to confirm your win.
  8. Winning heroes/teams will be contacted by email. Please provide a valid address to claim your prize.
  9. Winners of previous BBW 2012 contests or BBW 2011 Aftermath contests are not eligible for further prizes.
  10. In the case of any dispute, the judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.

So far I saw only 5 contestants in the Single Heroes Categories and NONE under the Hero Teams. Why not try your luck there? It's so easy to win. Just snap photos and get your friends and family to vote for you. There is still time.


Friday, November 16, 2012

The Fabulous Courtesan by Jonathan Quayle


From the age of fourteen - when she was sold to a brothel - Miao Hsing (Mysterious Joy) studied the noble art of prostitution.

Her beauty, wit and erotic skills resulted in her becoming one of the most sought after courtesans of Central China.

Here is the story of Mysterious Joy, telling how she acquired the arts of love, the attitudes, the postures and the secret practices desired by the Taoist sages

My comments :

I found this book from Subang Jaya Books Exchange Programme. Such a lucky find as I love reading it very much.

The story is pretty similar to "Memoirs of A Geisha", except that Miao Hsing was sold due to poverty of her family after her village was nearly destroyed when the Japanese came.

Resigned to her fate, she was sold from a brothel to another till she met with some trouble where one benefactor rescued her.

As she have no other talents, she continued on doing what she is good at during all political climate. She was like a Chameleon.

I can say that it was really interesting "seeing" things from her point of view. I like the way the author wrote in the erotic scene without it being crude. They are more poetic and lyrical.

Overall, it had been an enjoyable read. Only sad thing about this book is that it's falling apart due to "old age". Too bad about that coz I don't think it's no longer in print. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Marshmallows for Breakfast by Dorothy Koomson


Kendra Tamale returns from Australia to England with some heavy emotional burdens. A baggage that she carried with her after a crushing blow that she received in Australia.

Unknown to her, she is going to be dragged into bigger family conflict when she rented a room from Kyle who is a separated father of a set of  adorable twins. Although Kendra aimed to hold them all at arms lenght but the twins, Summer and Jaxon, managed to worm their way into her heart. They had "adopted" Kendra as their new mother.

Kendra was "surviving" from day to day but then she bumped into the man who shares her terrible secret. Would she be able to survive the confrontation or will her world come crashing down?

My comments:

I have at a whim bought three of Dorothy Koomson books from BookXcess. Of the three, I love this one best.

What I like the most about this book is none of the characters in the book is perfect. Each have their own weakness and burden that they tried to hide. The author managed to slowly reveal them.

In the beginning I thought Kendra was brave and strong from the way she confront Kyle about the kids and his actions but in truth, she was hiding something too.

As for Kyle, I thought he was a total loser but things are not what it seems to be.

Am giving this book four stars out of five as I felt the ending would have been more agreeable if it's not left open ended in some parts. But that, I guess this is what makes the book so perfect. The imperfection. Confusing. Well, a great weekend ahead to you out there!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Subang Jaya Book Exchange Programme at USJ2

I bought a lot of books from various warehouse sale and bookstores. Of all the books that I bought there will sure be some which I feel does not suit me. But to dump them into recycle bin where they would be turn into pulp, makes my heartache. 

That was till a friend told me about Subang Jaya Book Exchange Programme. It was quite some time ago. I went there first time and I like the concept very much. And since then I would try to go whenever I have the chance.

Here is the brief "synopsis" (LOL- are you laughing?) from their facebook

"The Subang Jaya Book Exchange Programme is a community project by a group of residents from Subang Jaya & USJ for all book lovers and avid readers in our community.

How do you participate?

1) Bring a book to donate.
2) Choose a book to bring home.

You give, you take. Everyone reads!

We are doing this
1) to exchange and share books we have read and thus, getting to know the people living in our own community.
2) to promote the reading habit among Subang Jaya folk.

The book exchange is open to everybody, not just Subang Jaya residents. Please help us spread the word to your friends and family!"
Sounds pretty good right?

Two weeks ago I went there again. As I was leaving, someone dropped a whole load of treasure to the exchange.

I can't believe my eyes when I Pearl S Buck's book titled "Sons" was in the pile. Did you know that The Good Earth is actually a Trilogy? Yes? No? Well, "Sons" is book II of the trilogy. Now I just need to get A House Divided to complete my collection. Too bad the person only have The Good Earth and Sons.

Spotted also "Kinfolk", supposed to be one of her more modern book.
 Have glance through it. Should be good read for me.

 This is a treasure for me as it's not easy to get books like this any more. Are they even still in print?

 Aha...should be an interesting reads

 I have read his books when I was a teen and liked it very much.

Ahem...this book should be interesting and I don't think that it would be peppered with four letters words like modern novels nowadays.

Please don;t get me wrong. The books at Subang Jaya Book Exchange Programme are not all "old" books like this. They have modern books like Jeffrey Deaver, Madeline Wickham, John Grisham, Jeffrey Archer and books from others authors too.

Do drop by SJBEP when you have the time but if you are staying too far away , why not try setting up similar book exchange programme at your community? It might be fun !