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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Irresistible Inheritance of Wilberforce By Paul Torday

Story is about Wilberforce who is addicted to Red Wine.

At first he was just flirting with it. Then an aquintance, Francis, sold him a cellar full of wine. He learn to love wine

Later on it got the better of him and he had to drink more and more each day. He spend a fortune in buying and drinking wine.

It is interesting how this book is written. The beginning of this book is the ending of this book. Confused? Well, you just have to read it to understand it.

It was tantalising how the author decided to reveal bit by bit of the story.

To me the story itself is nothing much. But the way it was written, makes it interesting.

Monday, January 24, 2011

InkDeath By Cornelia Funke

This last book of Inkworld starts with Farid is unable to let go of Dustfinger and had Orpheus read into Inkworld to resurrect Dustfinger. Unfortunately, Orpheus was a greedy and self center man who is more interested personal comfort and getting more treasure from Inkworld than helping Farid to bring Dustfinger back to life again. Or rather he was lack of the ability.

Adderhead and his men are constantly trying to capture Mo for he wants Mo to bind a new White Book. In previous story, Mo binded The White Book for Adderhead to secure his immortality but then he also did something to the book. The book is now turning rotten and falling apart and so does Adderhead.

Meantime, Mo was getting used to being "Bluejay" and had becoming more daring and reckless. Resa noticed that and she worried. She was desperate to leave Inkworld especially now that she is expecting another child.

She went to Fenoglio for help but Fenoglio have all worn out and is nothing but an old drunk. She went to Orpheus for help but Orpheus named a terrible price. He wants Mo to summons The White Women and he plans to exchange Mo for Dustfinger.

The White Women came but Death would be bound by no one let alone that twerp Orpheus. Death agreed to release Dustfinger and Mo on condition that Mo gave him Adderhead who is immortal. Failing which, Death would not only take Dustfinger and Mo but also Meggie too.

Mo was puzzling how to do that when opportunity came in the for of Violante, Adderhead's daughter who wants to kill her father for she can't stand to see the people suffer.

Mo "surrendered" himself to Violante in order to save the children. Together they journey to the castle where the White Book is kept. But then they plans went wrong. Orpheus went and work for Adderhead and told him of Violante alliance with the robbers.

Dustfinger, Brianna and Mo was imprisoned. In order to help his daughter, Dustfinger betrayed Mo. But Resa managed to come in the form of a Swift to keep Mo's sanity. Dustfinger and Resa searched the castle for the White Book futily while Mo was forced to bind a new White Book. At the very last moment Jacopo betrayed his grandfather, Adderhead and h=gave the book to Mo so that he can write the 3 words that will brings an end to Adderhead.

Orpheus bet on the wrong team and had to flee while Fenoglio starts to write again. Violante become the new ruler of Ombra. She ruled with kindness.

Farid wanted to go travelling and asked Meggie to join him but Meggie found that she is no longer in love with Farid. Later she married Doria.

Meggie had a little brother. They continued to live in Inkworld but he is keen to come to our world after hearing so much about it.

I find that this book is less interesting than the previous two books. The supporting characters seems to be over shadowing the main ones and the story kept jumping here and there. Some part kept dragging on and on while some parts just pop up without much explanation. Needs to have a very wide imagination to keep track with it all.Could it be because the author lost her husband when she was writing this book?  

Saturday, January 22, 2011

InkSpell by Cornelia Funke

Inkworld is really something. The first two books were so good that I can't help grabbing one more set of Inkworld book from the Big Bad Wolf Sale for my niece.

Gosh...the last I heard from mother-in-law is that the girl nose was in between the Inkworld pages though the next day she have examinations in school. But what can I say. The girl is a genius and have always done well in every examination.

Inspell continues with Dustfinger going away together with Farid with the only copy of Inkheart. Farid idolise Dustfinger and wish to learn to be a fire eater.

Dustfinger finally found someone who can read him back into Inkworld. That man is  Orpheus a petty criminal. Orpheus read Dustfinger back into Inkworld but not Farid. Farid was left holding the book. He got no place to go so he went back to Meggie and Mo.

Meggie discovered to her delight that she can read Dustfinger and herself into Inkworld and she did. There they met with a band of strolling player headed by Black Prince. They went to Ombra, the capital city of Lombrica. They found Fenoglio there.

Ombra was mourning at the death of their ruling prince's son, Cosimo the Fair. Cosimo was killed by Firefox, a follower of the evil Capricorn.The city also under the threat from Adderhead who ruled Argenta. Adderhead's daughter, Violante is Cosimo's widow.

Dustfinger was finally reunited with his wife, Roxane. Roxane was once a minstrel woman but now is a healer. Dustfinger was surprised to know that his daughter, Brianna was now Violante's maid and hates him.

Meantime in our world, the bad Orpheus team up with the evil Capricorn's moher, Mortola and the Hench man Basta come to Elinor's house. Orpheus is to read them and Mo into Inkworld because Mortola believe that Capricorn is still alive in Inkworld .

Mortola was very angry when she discovered it is not so and she shoots and wounded Mo. In haste, Resa grabbed Mo's hand and they went into Inkworld. There she nurses Mo devotedly and kept the White Woman away. Kept them from taking Mo to Death. They met the strolling player who mistook Mo as the Bluejay(some sort of Robinhood)

In our world, Elinor and Darius was still imprisoned in her house by Orpheus. Darius was Capricorn's former reader.

In the other world, Meggie and Fenoglio combined their talent and brought Cosimo back to life again hoping that Cosimo will be the champion of his people once again. Unfortunately, Cosimo's campaign failed and lead to many death...including himself. Fenoglio was very sad and vowed never to write again.

Mo and Resa was captured. Mo and Meggie was forced to binder a book called the White Book which would make Adderhead immortal. Adderhead promised to release them in return for that. He did released them but he also set his men against their friends.

In the confusion Farid was killed. Dustfinger bargained with the White women to take Farid place in return. Farid was distraughted to find that his "sifu" had taken his place and persuaded Fenoglio to write words that bring Orpheus into Inkworld hoping that he may be able to read Dustfinger back to life again.....

That was the end of this book...left hanging. Very  exciting. The description of Inkworld was so vivid that I can see the blue fairies and glass men running around.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

InkHeart By Cornelia Funke

The first time I read this book was a few years ago. Chen Chzan loan me her nephew's copy of Inkheart and told me it's a very good book. Something like Harry Potter type.

I fell in love with it. Then, not long after that I managed Inkspell from 2009 Big Bad Wolf Sale.. Thanks to Newton who informed me of hat terrific sale.

Then last November, I saw The Big Bad Wolf Sale have the whole series. I grabbed myself a set for collection.

It sure feel great to "meet" old friends once again. Love Mortimer(Mo) the bookbinder, love Meggie his daughter and even the villain, Capricorn.

In Inkheart, Mo is a bookbinder who have a lovely voice. So lovely that it could make the characters he read in a book comes alive. But there is a penalty in that. One thing come out, another thing must go in. That was was he discover to his greatest regret when he was reading InkHeart to his wife, Resa and 3 year old daughter, Meggie. He inadvertently read some characters out from the book, including the evil Capricorn and his followers. In return, Resa was sucked into the book.Since then, Mo had stopped reading out loud.

Nine years later, Dustfinger came knocking at his door. He was one of the characters that Mo read out from the Inkheart. He was desperately unhappy and wanted to go back to his own world. He came to warn Mo that Capricorn is looking for all copies of Inkheart and wants to destroy the book so that no one can come and go between the two world and that he also wanted Mo to read treasure out for him.

Dustfinger betrayed Mo and he was captured by Capricorn. Meggie and her aunt Elinor(a book collector) and the repentant Dustfinger decided to rescue Mo. But they don't have Inkheart anymore. Mo accidentally read out, Farid, from the Arabian Night and together they thought up a plan. They decided to find the author of Inkheart, Fenoglio. He should have a copy. Unfortunately his copy was stolen too.The only copy left was in the hands of Capricorn and his with-like mother Mortola

Then Fenoglio and Meggie was captured too by Capricorn and when he discovered that Meggie also have the gift of reading things out from the book, she was forced to take her father place. The evil Capricorn planned for Meggie to read a horrible creature, The Shadow, out from the book.

Fenoglio helped Meggie to write new words for the book and managed to thwart Capricorn's plan. Capricorn falls dead. His mother vowed revenge.

Unfortunately for all is that Fenoglio was sucked into Inkworld in return.

With Dustfinger's help, Meggie and her father was reunited with her mother who lost her voice when passing in between both world.

This is a really page turning book I can still recall burning midnight oil reading this book.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Kiss By Danielle Steel

Isabelle Forrester is the wife of a Parisian Banker, Gordon. Gordon had long shut his heart to her. Now she lives for her daughter and her invalid son, Teddy.

Bill Robinson a power broker  from Washington is also trapped in a loveless marriage.

Isabelle and Bill met through her husband, Gordon. They conducted their relationship..if you can call it that through long distance telephone calls that is until one day both had the opportunity to meet u for a few days in London.

They fell in love with each other when the finally meet up and as there were kissing a horrible accident happen. Both nearly died.

Then the long healing journey begins. Things seems to have brightens when another tragedy struck. This may cause unamendable break between them.

I found this story is a bit frustrating. There seems to have endless obstacle thrown to them again and again. Poor love birds. Just like Shattered Heart by Cleffairy.

The characters are well developed. I really hated Gordon for his domineering ways and pity Isabella for her innocent. Gordon have been dishonest since the beginning and he was so mean as to put the blame on Isabella.

Overall, this is an average read

Monday, January 17, 2011

Save the Date by Jenny Jones

Synopsis :

When Alex and Lucy pick out wedding invitations, they wonder if they can be printed in vanishing ink.
Former NFL star Alex Sinclair is a man who has it all--except the votes he needs to win his bid for Congress. Despite their mutual dislike, Alex makes Lucy a proposition: pose as his fiancée in return for the money she desperately needs. Bound to a man who isn't quite what he seems, Lucy will find her heart on the line--and maybe even her life. When God asks Alex and Lucy to scrap their playbook and follow his rules, will they finally say, "I do"?

Review :

This is not the first time that I read Christian romance and I can say that I like this book. This book is about forgiveness and trusting in God but it is not written in such preachy way that it would hinder the flow of the story.

I like the character, Lucy, very much. I shook with mirth at some of the things that she did. She is also a very determined lady. I enjoyed seeing Lucy falling in love with Alex despite her reservation.

To me, this book is most suitable for young adult or those who are in the early twenties  or those who are young at heart. Great read for the coming Valentine Day next month.

The only thing which I don't like about the book is its cover. Look sort of Mills and Boon type of book. But as the saying goes, "don't judge a book by its cover".

Declaration :

I received this book from the publisher through the The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255  : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Friday, January 14, 2011

Book Blogger Hop: 1/14-1/17 hosted by Crazy For Books

Book Blogger Hop

"Why do you read the genre that you do? What draws you to it?"

My answer : I read almost every genre. It depends on my mood. Sometimes, when I feel down and need some perfect pick me up, I would go for Chit Lit or some romance.

But I like the most is memoir type of books like The Last Eunuch of China.

Sometimes, I get recommendation on a certain author too like Jodi Picoult books. My sister-in-law introduced her books to me.  There is a certain ironic kind of sadness in Jodi's books.

But what fascinate me the most is the Foundation Series written by Isaac Asimov. His vast imagination really attracts me. When the books were written, we don't have the technology that he described in his books yet. Even now, we have yet to have it all yet.

Many have praise the work of Terry Pratchett. I have tried reading it but it just doesn't "click" with my brain.

I guess, to sums it up ..I read depending on mood and whether the author's writing style suits me or not.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cirque Du Freak - Sons Of Destiny by Darren Shan

This is the final book in the series and I think it's the most confusing one.

To continue from Book 10 and 11, Darren got to know that The Lord of The Vampaneze is actually Steve.

Darren also was made know of a prophecy that either Steve or he will die and the remaining person alive will turn into the evil Lord of The Shadow and would one day kills his good friend Vancha. That was their destiny.

On top of that he finds it hard to forgive Steve for what he had done. Steve seduced and impregnated his sister in order to get a child so that he can use the child to revenge himself against Darren.

When all things seems to have cleared, then Mr Tiny throw in a "bomb". A shocking revelation.

Things were not as simple as it seems. There was a complication. Killing Steve will not solve the problem. Darren have to be cleverer in order to beat destiny.

I was rather shocked by the revelation. Here Mr Tiny really showed his true self. All the fighting and feuding in the earlier books are just the tip of the iceberg. Things are not as they seems to be.

But the ending, I think Mr Tiny got off rather lightlyy.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Cirque Du Freak- Lord of The Shadows by Darren Shan

This is the 11th book of the series and so far one of the most intense book. In this book, Darren Shan is going home. The Cirque Du Freak is going to Darren Shan's hometown. A hometown where he left when he was turned into a half vampire. He faked his death and all his friend and family have no idea he is still alive. He had not aged much but they have all grown much older.

When the came to his home town he was apprehensive and yet keen to know the fate of his parents and sister. He discovered that his parents had moved away that his sister Annie is still staying at their old home with her son. The father was unknown. But Darren decided not to contact her. Let them think that he is dead

Apart from that, Darren also discovered a prophecy by Mr Tiny that the one who kill The Lord of Vampaneze would be the next Lord of the Shadow for that is written in destiny.

Darren hang around the Cirque most of the time and one day Harkat and Darren found a boy named Delcan snooping around the Cirque. They chatted with him and Harkat found that Delcan is more than what he lead on. Darren gave Delcan a ticket to the performance after some consideration.

That night they were looking for Declan but he did not turn up. Instead, Darren came face-to-face with his old friend Tommy. Tommy was very surprised to see that Darren is still alive and have not aged a bit. Before departing, Tommy arrange to meet Darren at the Stadium the next day and said that he have to tell Darren something about Steve Leopard.

Before Tommy managed to talk further with Darren, he was murdered.

There was a shock for Darren for at the murder scene, he saw Declan or later made know to him by Steve that Declan real name is Darius...his son. In the confusion, Darren and his allies managed to capture Darius but in turn Steve and his allies captured Shancus who is Darren's god son.

There was to be an exchange of prisoners but at the very last  minute Steve killed Shancus and he dares Darren to do the same to Darius who is his own son. Steve was pure evil through and through. Not above from using a poor innocent child 

Darren saw red and would have killed Darius if Steve had not shouted for the boy to call out his mother's name.

It was a real heart wrenching moment. 

I really really hated Steve Leopard in this book. How can he use a small child...a child who is of his own flesh and blood as a tool for his vengeance?  And also to destroy a life for the fun of it . He does not have to kill Shancus for Darren was willing to give everything for Shancus. Steve purposely snuff out Shancus life for what he thought would hurt Darren the most. And all this is for what??? Just because he mistakenly thought Darren had taken what rightfully should have been his?

Oh what a pure evil heart...guess even in the real world there are these sort of person. What horror it would be if this sort of person been given the power to rule and to teach young how Steve had twisted Darius young and innocent mind against the Vampires

Friday, January 7, 2011

Cirque Du Freak-The Lake Of Souls by Darren Shan

In this book 10 of the Series, Darren Shan went back to the Cirque Du Freak to grieve. He was like a walking corpse. Meantime, Harkat's nightmare was getting worse.

One day Debbie and Alice show up. Alice had quit the Police force. Birth of them can't go on living the life they knew knowing what they  know now. They intend to join the Vampire in the fight against the Vampaneze.

At the same time, Mr Desmond Tiny, a mysterious figure told Harkat that his dreams would eventually drive him crazy and the only way to save himself is to find out who he was. In order to do that he would have to journey to another realm and fish out his soul from The Lake of Soul. His journey would be a dangerous one. If her goes alone, he will have very little chance of surviving but if Darren accompany him, they might have a fighting chance of getting out of there alive.

Darren was all torn up whether to accompany the girls to the Vampire Mountain for their training or to accompany Harkat who have saved his life many time.Harkat insisted that Darren guide the girl but in the end he can't leave his friend Harkat to a certain death. Hence together with Mr Tiny's magic they were sent to another realm.

Mr Tiny left them with a clue and from then on they have to collect certain things in order to get their next clue to the next destination. It was a perilous journey where they encounter a savage panther, fire breathing dragon, a pirate and monstrous creature.

Needless to say, that they managed to fish out Harkat's soul from The Lake of Soul Oh...what a shock it was to discover Harkat's identity. One that nearly shake the core of their friendship. Not only that...they also discovered a horrible secret of what they thought to be the next realm.

I like this part coz I feel that I can read this book as a book by itself instead of linking to the existing series.

There are some sad moments, funny moment and some pretty shocking moments too.

The end of the story leaves me wanting for more.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cirque Du Freak - Killers of The Dawn by Darren Shan

This is the 9th book of the series. I have read book 1 to 3 and reviewed it here.

In this book, Darren Shan have become a Vampire Prince and is one of the 3 people selected who can kill Lord of The Vampaneze. Killing Lord of Vampaneze will brings the end of War of the Scars.

Darren Shan and his allies were lead into a trap by Steve Leopard(once was Darren's best friend). When they were in the tunnel, they discovered that Steve is actually a half Vampaneze. Debbie (Darren's Ex-Gf) was captured by the Vampaneze.

In turns, Darren and his allies managed to capture Steve and another Vampet.

They ran to hide in their old hide out but then they were caught by the police because of an anonymous tip. Suddenly, Daren and his allies found that they are Public Enemy number one. Everyone is hunting for them.

The Police "rescued" Steve and put Darren and his allies in to jail. They thought Darren and his allies were the ones who have been killing humans. Darren tried to tell the Police that they were not the ones that the Police wanted.

Meantime, Steve regained consciousness and escaped from the hospital. In his escape, he killed two nurses and Police officers who had helped him. Ungrateful fella.

In the confusion created by Steve's escape, Darren managed to escape too. He help Mr Crepsley and Harkat to escape too.

They thought of running and hide under the tunnels but the Vampets were there to chase them out. The Vampaneze chase them to the surface so that they are exposed to the sun.

They managed to meet up with Vancha, another Vampire Prince who are selected to kill the Lord of Vampaneze. Vancha have with him the Chief of Police, Alice.

When night time, Darren and their allies realises that they must have the final showdown with the Vampaneze. Alice did not believe that they are the good guys but still gave them the benefit of the doubt. They went down into the tunnels again. This round they met face to face with Lord of Vampaneze.

Steve were there. And they traded prisoner.

It was time for the showdown. Mr Crespsley was selected for the final fight with Lord of the Vampaneze. He managed to kill the Lord of the Vampaneze. But in turns, when he was trying to kill Steve, he was sabotaged. He gave up his life o save Darren and the rests. Steve got off free. But before he went off, he revealed a horrible news to Darren.

For me it's sort of hard reading this book especially since I have yet to read book 4 to book 9 of this series. Did not know what happen in between but I slowly got the hang of it. The book was very thrilling.

I was sort of surprised to find Steve is now in league with the Vampaneze. For your information, Steve was Darren's best friend before Darren become a half vampire. Darren become a half Vampire when he was trying to save Steve's life.

Steve had wanted to be a Vampire but Mr Crepsley tested his blood and found that Steve is evil through and through. He refused to turn Steve into a Vampire but blooded Darren instead. This makes Steve hate Darren for he thought Darren had taken what should have been his. And he also vowed that he will kill Mr Crepsley.

I felt rather sad and frustrated at the end of this book. There was an unexpected ending. Looks like the chase is still on.