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Monday, April 8, 2013

Bitter-Sweet Harvest by Chan Ling Yap(SPOILER ALERT)

Summary :

Story is set just after 13th May 1969 event where racial tension was at its height in Malaysia.

Two star-crossed lovers, An Mei, a Chinese girl and Hussien, a Malay boy, were studying in Oxfords and were convinced that somehow their respective sets of parents would somehow accept their love.

Ah Mei's parents migrated to England and was furious when they got to know about the affair. Hussien was due to go back to Malaysia and to be groom onto a politician as what his parents wanted him to be.

Hussien begged An Mei to follow him back to Malaysia and was convinced that he will be able to persuade his parents to accept An Mei as his bride. Hence here begin the story of the trials that they encounter for their love.

Would love be enough to see them through everything? And what happen if the one that you love the most started to change and disappoint you again and again?

My comments:

Bought this book from my recent trip to The Big Bad Wolf Books sale in Penang.

I can certainly say that this is a frustrating book to read. Again and again I wish I could reach in and shake the hero and heroine. It's just too much.

It was crushing to see how An Mei being let down again and again. How I wish she would stop being so soft heart. Oh well...guess first love is hard to let go.

The author did a very good job on how Hussien gradually being "brainwashed" and  succumbed to social pressure to conform. He used to be such an upstanding young man back on Oxford and would fight any injustice.

How could someone profess that they love the other very much and yet expect the other party to sacrifice again and again for him? To leave family and friends behind is one thing but to "emotionally blackmail" the other person to do what he wishes by saying "if you love me you would.....".

It comes to the stage where if there is such real Hussien standing in front of me, I would gladly give him one tight slap! What the .....An Mei gave up so much to be with him and he dares to emotionally blackmail her by saying if she truly love him, she would not mind not having a title(Wife) . They could be lover instead. That is just plain insulting!

Anyway, am happy with the ending. I hope I can read the first book "Sweet Offering" which also rated highly in Goodreads.