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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Life Everlasting by Robert Whitlow

This is the Book Two of an Alexia Lindale novel.

In Book One, Alexia, a divorce lawyer hired by Baxter Richardson's wife(Rena) to help her with her case. She doesn't want a divorce but she wants to have her husband, Baxter, who is in a coma to be taken out from life support.

For this second instalment, Baxter was called back to this world by the enchanting music played by Ted Morgan. Meantime the mental state of Rena deteriorated.

This is a fine continuation of "Life Support". I like the mysterious way that Baxter being called back and "romance" seems to blossoming for Alexia.

Every characters in this book seems to be govern by a higher power. Maybe God is working through the author to send a message to us? It's not everyday that I find a book that have suspense and yet promote the believe in the Lord.

One thing that I find rather this book is a bit long winded. Some reduction of 50 to 100 pages would make the book more enjoyable to read.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dogs and Goddesses by Jennifer Cruise, Anne Stuart and Lani Diane Rich

Three women seemingly have nothing in common but somehow their dogs lead them to become friends. They were practically smack in the face by brochures advertising Kammani-Gula Obedience Class. It's a class to train dogs

Abby- just arrived in Summerville Ohio with her Newfoundland Bowser to claim her inheritance. Her mother Bea passed away and left her a property. She soon found herself baking cookies and steaming up her life with a young professor

Daisy- with her hyperactive Jack Russell Bailey. Her world have been proper and prim . That was till her mom, Peggy, suddenly developed an allergy to dogs and asked her to take care of Bailey for a time. She meat a mysterious dog trainer.

Shar- a Professor of ancient history suddenly wakes up and found a very masculine God sitting at her kitchen. Her neurotic dachshund , Wolfie was snarling at him.

I am not sure what genre this book is intended to be as the synopsis made it sound like romance cum chit lit. But to me this is a book full of laughter. It's just too hilarious. Hope the authors won't be offended.

The three ladies after attending the Kammani-Gula class, started to have special ability. Super power. And one of their power is that they can hear and understand what their dogs are saying.

I can't help laughing at Kammani the blundering "Goddess" who made a set of very hilarious mistakes like sending a swamp of bees, a plague and even trying to "rule" this modern world who does not need a Goddess like her.

Yup. a book to relax with and in my personal opinion, I am going to classify this book under comedy in my shelves.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Showdown by Tilly Bagshawe

Synopsis from

DESCRIPTION: Bobby Cameron is a cowboy through and through. One of America's most skilled horse trainers, he has inherited his father's magnificent ranch in California's Santa Ynez Valley. Now, land rich but cash poor, Bobby travels the world trying to raise money to support his beloved ranch by taking jobs breaking horses for their wealthy owners.

Milly Lockwood Groves, daughter of a millionaire breeder in Newmarket, England, is determined to become a world-class jockey--but her family has other plans for her, and are forcing her to take her place in British society. But Milly's life is about to be changed forever by the arrival of the gorgeous, enigmatic cowboy Bobby Cameron. Following him to America to realize her dreams, she risks losing her innocence and her heart in the process.

My Comments :

I saw this book at BookXcess Facebook. Can't help myself. Must get this book.Finally got it recently.

This book is different from the two Tilly Bagshawe books that I have read before. Unlike the previous books, it's more about relationship instead of mystery and suspense

The characters were well developed. It's believable that Bobby Cameron who grew up without much support from his father nor his mother, would feel insecure when comes to loving a woman. Being independent leads him to be quite prideful. Because of that pride of his and his refusal to listen to those who are more experienced, he nearly lost the very thing he was trying to save.

However, I don't much like the character Milly. Yes, she comes from a wealthy family and is portrayed as the only family member who have talent. This character just doesn't "click" for me. At one point she was headstrong, ambitious and have a loving heart. Then at another she was like very vulnerable and naive.

This book reminds me of "Shattered Hearts" by Cleffairy. There are many unexpected twist and turns thrown in. It mirrored life itself.

This is a good read although I would preferred be something like Sidney Sheldon's Mistress of the Game and After the Darkness.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Theodore Boone by John Grisham

News Flash!!

Just saw BIG BAD WOLF BOOKS' Facebook that the BBWS is coming in OCTOBER 2011

For those who know me personally, they would know that I have a love and hate relation with John Grisham books. Some I love to death. Some I would condemn.

When I spotted this in BookXcess, I was wondering if I should buy it or not.

The story is about Theodore Boone, whose parents are lawyers and he is inspired to be a lawyer and maybe some day a judge.

Theo is not your typical boy. Although he is only 13 years old, he knows everyone in the Court from the Judges, Policemen and the court clerks. He know tonnes about the law and frequently help his schoolmates with their family's legal problem.

And this is how he become entangled into the most sensational murder trial a Strattenburg. He is the only one who knows that a murderer is going to walk out of the Court a freeman. He knows that the man is guilty. The stakes are high and he won't stop till justice is served.

I enjoyed reading this book a lot. It's a refreshing book written through the point of view of a 13 year old kid, although I must say that this kid does seems to be mature for his age. It's not impossible as nowadays kids seems to grow up very fast.

The suspense kept me up at night.It's full of suspense. For me it's something fresh and suit kids and adult from the age 12 onwards. 

Stories like this make me want to look into classes at CSI schools or get an exciting JD degree and bring criminals to justice.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Princes' Brides by Sandra Marton

It has been a long time sine I pick up a Mills & Boon book. I bet you know what M&B book entails. Yup...loads of romance.

This book is of no exception. There are 3 stories in this book and all of it involves Princes.

The first story "The Italian Prince's Pregnant Bride" tells the story of Prince Nicolo who valued his freedom very much. In all his relationships, he made it clear that he wants no strings attached..that is till he literally bumped into Aimee. It was love at first sight but he had yet to know it.

They got off at the wrong footing but somehow that night they end up having a one night stand.

He can't get her face off his memory. There was a big shock when he meet Aimee again. On the same day, both discovered that Aimee is carrying his baby.

Being the "gentlemen" he was, Prince Nicolo" felt obligated to marry her. However, Aimee was an independent woman and is not about to swoon at his proposal.

The second story "The Greek Prince's Chosen Wife", is more exciting. Prince Damien who is a good pal of Prince Nicolo was nursing a wound. His trust have been betrayed by someone he thought he loved.

Then out of the blue found himself face-to-face with Ivy, a woman who claimed that she is carrying his baby although he had never in his life met him before. A check confirmed that he is indeed the father of the baby.

In the final story "The Spanish Prince's Virgin Bride", Prince Lucas was unhappy when he was "duped" by his grandfather into a marriage contract with a penniless bride, Alyssa. It was claimed that Alyssa is a virgin. However, her reaction to his advances speak differently.

Would he honour the Marriage contract?

Overall, these 3 stories are quite good for M&B. It's something fresh after reading so many sad stories

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First Darling of the Morning : SElected Memories of an Indian Childhood by Thrity Umrigar

Synopsis from

First Darling of the Morning is the powerful and poignant memoir of bestselling author Thrity Umrigar, tracing the arc of her Bombay childhood and adolescence from her earliest memories to her eventual departure for the United States at age twenty-one. It is an evocative, emotionally charged story of a young life steeped in paradox; of a middle-class Parsi girl attending Catholic school in a predominantly Hindu city; of a guilt-ridden stranger in her own land, an affluent child in a country mired in abysmal poverty. She reveals intimate secrets and offers an unflinching look at family issues once considered unspeakable as she interweaves two fascinating coming-of-age stories—one of a small child, and one of a nation.

My comments:

It shocked me when I initially read this book. The events and things described here sounds like work of fiction in my tiny brain. Too far fetch. But then, who knows? There are so many outrageous things in this world, but they happens.

It was astonishing to read the part where her mother was like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Bully kids that came for tuition under her. Canning them. And one incident where the mother made the kid to say that his mother serve rat meat for dinner.  Then, in front of the kid's mom, she told her a different story.

There was another chapter where one of her teacher clawed her when she forgot something. That was shocking. Why her parents did not complaint to the school of the harsh treatment? But then again it might have been the norm in those days.

Then there was a chapter where Thrity found out her aunt Mehroo who love her a lot was once engaged to be married. Something happen to the fiance. In page 98, she confessed that the first thought that comes to mind was felt sorry for herself. Thinking that Mehroo had somehow betrayed her because she was in love with someone else before her.

My first thought was 'that was selfish of her'. However, on thinking further, it was not. It's human nature. And it  was very brave of her to write such revealing thoughts about herself in a book knowing that readers can be very judgemental.

In my opinion, you may not like what you read on the first read. Take some time. Think of the things described in the book. Stand in her shoes. Then you might find something new.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sifu : An Unusual Teacher In The Turbulence of The Malayan War by Khoo Kheng Hor

This is another terrific read from the author Khoo Kheng-Hor which I have bought from MPH at MidValley

Story was set just after the Japanese Occupation. Mao Dong Po was just a small child when he witness the murder of his father by an overzealous British Officer who was determine to root out all communist and those who help the communist.

He was determined t seek revenge but even at his young age he knew enough that he had to learn more before he to execute his plans.

As fate has it, they were moved to a new village and subsequently his mother was force by situation to move again to stay with her brother who was a shop owner in Padang Besar. It is at the border to Thailand.

There he come across a Siamese man who subsequently become his "Sifu"(Teacher). The chosen profession? ....Assassin.

If this does not makes you sit up then...I have nothing else to say.

A very exciting book to read. It incorporated some of characters from his previous books. Don't worry. This will not hinder the story flow of this book. To me this is another MUST READ type of book and I love this genre of book very much.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Four-Sided Tower : Tales From Penang's Underworld by Khoo Kheng Hor

I was blog hopping when I came across blog post by Nightwing on this book.

This book intrigue me. I have fell in love with this author's work since I first read "Mamasan" and later "Taikor". That was why when I was at Midvalley the other day, I pop-over to MPH to look for more of his books. I found two. One of which is this book.

There are 12 short stories in this book. It tells the tales of the people who somehow been 'invited' or come in touch with  "Four-Sided Tower".

It was very interesting read. There are some hint of horrors, humour and moral in these stories.

Stories are told in an easy going manner. The flow of the languge was prefect though Mamarazzi spotted two typo error in the book. It did not hinder the joy of reading this book.

Yes, this is a must read.