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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Big Bad Wolf Books Sale - My New Finds and 60 HOUWERRRR ALERT!!!

Just got back from the Big Bad Wolf Books Sale yesterday .

I thought I am finally satisfied as I managed to cover 90% of the area.

Brought home another luggage bag full of books. Do head over to my Facebook to see what is in the bag . Too many photos to load into this blog .

 Woke up this morning with great regrets.

Regretted not getting more of these. It was only RM10(About USD3+) a set.

 More regrets in my Facebook under album titled BBWBS 2012- My Regrets.

Maybe I can still get them coz I just saw they announced in their Facebooks that the will be open throughout this Friday to Sun!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fun at Big Bad Wolf Books Sale and BookXcess 2012

Yoh! Who says Malaysian doesn't read? Could it be price is the deterrent factor?The price of books here are so high that people can't afford to buy much. And there are limitation to the public library.

Well, from 6th December 2012 to 23rd December 2012 , many would be very happy coz it's the Big Bad Wolf Books Sale.

I was lucky enough to be one of the people who were selected to go for the Preview of the world largest books sale of the year.

Here is a short video clip of the Preview day which I took from their Facebook. You can see my LARGE luggage bag in minute 1:28 . LOL

Wanna know what I got from the sale? Hop over to my Facebook and drool. Most of the books I bought was RM8(USD2.62). All brand new.

For purchase of RM300 and above, I get RM10 book voucher from BookXcess.

I went to redeem the book voucher from BookXcess in Amcorp Mall the next day.

Fuiyoh....looks like the shop is geared for Christmas Promotions. There are plenty of good offer there. If you are interested, do check out their Facebook

Found loads of good books one the shelves. But most attractive of all is their new Children Section. Spotted these box set for kids.

What did I get from my book vouchers?

This D.I.Y wood made car for my boy. He was pretty excited and we had to assemble for him that very night. Didn't even have the chance to read the books that I've bought.
Am planning another trip or two to he Big Bad Wolf Books Sale before it ends. But before that, I have to one or two more trips to the sales to grab whatever I can.
Oh ya...If you happens to go to BookXcess, maybe you would like to buy a book or two to donate to orphans?