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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Life Is Like "The Never Ending Story" by Micheal Ende

I spent most of my school time in the Library. It's like a safe heaven for me. Maybe that was why I became a Librarian. I could still remember the fateful day. It was raining, I was on duty. One of my duty was to make sure no dusts gather at the shelevs.

As I was cleaning up the shelves, a book "plonk!" fell on my head. Shoot! It nearly broken my specs! Guess which book it was. No prize in guessing the correct answer.

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The book was 'Neverending Story' by Micheal Ende. It did not look interesting, and the cover looks ancient. And most of all I detest reading English books. But somehow, something made me pick it up...(Ok, ok...I had to pick it up coz I had to tidy the place).

I glance on the summary. I have watched that particular movie before but never read the book. Then I thought, why not?

That book, 'The Neverending Story' is the magical book that made me a bookworm today. This is the book that's responsible for all my shopaholic rampage during  Big Bad Wolf Sale  and  BookXcess promo.

It's a life altering book as it brought me into the fantastic world of Bastian, a cowardish boy who stole a magical book of the same name from a bookstore, 'Neverending Story' and became a part of the world in the story, Fantasia.

The boy, whom I can really relate to during that time of my life suddenly became a part of something and has a mission to fulfil. The fate of Fantasia was in his hands, and oh, this book is such a joy to read.
There's amazing adventures, a story in a story, and memorable characters that will be a part of my life forever. This is a magical book to me. It enchanted me and turned me into a bookworm. This is a book that's beyond 5 stars.

I used to think that English books are just too difficult to read, but this book made me changed my mind, and for the first time in my life, I started to save my money to buy more and more books, a habit that I stick to til this very day.

Thanks to this book, I am now able to appreciate books and thanks to this book too, I am able to unleash my imagination and travel all around the world without even getting out of my bedroom.

I think, everyone have a life altering book. 'Neverending Story' is a book that changed my life. What is yours?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle by Russell Miller

Guess, there is no need for introduction when ones mention Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A mention of his name for avid reader will sparks a spontaneous respond "Sherlock Holmes?"

I was delighted when I saw this autobiography of Arthur Conan Doyle at the Non-Fiction section at Bookxcess.

It was a good read. To get to know the personal life of the man behind the famous Sherlock Holmes figure had indeed been very interesting.

Russell Miller did a splendid job on this book.

Sir Arthur family was quite poor when he was young. His father was an alcoholic and subsequently hospitalised for mental illness.

Despite all these, Arthur managed to do quite well in life. He married his first wife and had children but he then fell in love with another woman while his wife was dying with tuberculosis,

He become famous when the public fell in love with Sherlock Holmes. There was a public outcry when he decided to "killed" off Sherlock Holmes. In fact, an old lady smacked him with her handbag.

He had also championed many good cause. And later in life, he developed an interest in Spiritualism.

I think those who love "Sherlock Holmes" will find this book pretty interesting and eye opening.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Monkey Bridge by Lan Cao

The moment I saw this book on display at BookXcess and noticed the author's unique name, I said to myself "I've gotta have it".

Didn't even see the synopsis to check what's the story is about. Moreover, it's cheap at RM14-90.

When I came home I noticed it's a story written by Lan Cao, Vietnamese who left Vietnam and is now residing in New York

The story is about a young girl, Mai, who left Vietnam on the very day which Saigon fell. She was joined by her mother Thanh a few months later. Her grand father, Baba Quan was supposed to join her mother on that trip but for some unknown reason he did not made it.

This issue had haunted Thanh and Mai. Mai had tried several avenue to locate her grandfather. Through this effort she somehow dug up some dark secret of her family.

It's really lovely to read how the story unfolds chapter by chapter. The author is brilliant in keeping the tale hanging till the very end.

The character, Mai, was very vivid. The way she portray the contrast between living in Vietnam and America is real eye opening. Somethings that seems normal to most people could be offensive to others . For example the part where Mai and her mother in a supermarket and the way the cashier summon them to a newly open counter. The cashier meant well, but Thanh thinks the gestures was rude. This is what makes this novel seems so real.

Love it

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Italian for Beginners by Kristin Harmel

I guess I am getting hooked with the Little Black Dress books.

In this book, Cat is younger sister is getting married and at the reception tongues are wagging about her. She is the eldest daughter and yet she is still single. Some aunts commented that she is too choosy and stuffs like that.

That is totally not true. She just had too many responsibility to deal with. Moreover, something happened in the past with her mother had affected her greatly as compared to her younger sister and father.

Deep down inside she was lonely and had wanted to have someone to love and to be loved too. Then a chance came. She was invited to go to Italy. Still she doubted. Her dad and bestie urged her on and a disastrous date gave her the umph that she needed to pluck up her courage.

Everything was confirmed and booked that is until her younger sister acted up.That was how she end up in Italy without much money in her name and no place stay after a blow up with her ex-boyfriend.

With no money and too ashamed to turn back home with her tail between her legs, she journey on.

It was a fun adventure reading this book. It gives a fresh and happier outlook in life. Gives hope that there are still some people out that who truly cares about you instead of just using you. And that all broken heart can be mended. And that bad things that happen are actually a blessing in disguise.

Yes, this is a good book to read when you are feeling down.

I think, among the 3 Little Black Dress book that I have read, this is the best.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Big Bad Wolf Books Sale is on 7th - 16 October 2011


(Logo taken from BBWBS FB)

It's confirm. News right from the Wolf's mouth. The next Big Bad Wolf  Books Sale will be on 7th to 16th October 2011.

This round, according to Mr Wolf there will be 1.5 million books at 75%-95% discounts!

Unfortunately, Mr Wolf had yet to announce where is the venue of the sale.

Do check out their FACEBOOK to stay tune with new developements and a chance  to win exclusive media preview passes at their Facebook.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Girl From Mars by Julie Cohen

I bought this book due to "kiasuness". Needed a few more ringgit in order to enjoy Member'sDiscount from BookXcess.

Am happy to say that I did not regret getting this book. It's a light hearted book. I wonder how to classify this book. Chit-Lit or Romance?

Well, story is about 4 best friends. Philomena, Jim, Digger and Stevo. The friendship cracked when Stevo met someone whom he fell in love with. The other three felt they were left in a lurch.

One night when all three were drunk, they made a pact. That is they would not date other people. They had no time or uses for romance in their life and that no matter what their friendship would comes first.

Guess, you can guess what ensued after the pact was made.

This is indeed a fun to read book.