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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Angels by Marian Keyes

Synopsis by

A new Marian Keyes novel is always something to celebrate, and her sixth novel, Angels, will have you cheering. From the first couple of sentences: "I'd always lived a fairly blameless life. Up until the day I left my husband and ran away to Hollywood, I'd hardly ever put a foot wrong" to the hugely satisfying last page, you're immediately involved in the story of Maggie Walsh's life; of how it went wrong, and then went right again.

The Walshes starred in a previous Keyes novel, the delightful Rachel's Holiday; Maggie is Rachel's older sister, (one of five) and the only one who "never did any of that nasty sleeping around business". Instead she got married to her first boyfriend Paul Garvan and everything was fine, until they suffered a couple of "setbacks".

Unable to face sorting out the difficulties, Maggie hightails it to Los Angeles to stay with her old pal Emily. Emily is a script writer, her short film A Perfect Day was a big hit in Ireland, but her working life is a little tougher in the land of sunshine and fat-free Pringles.

My Comments

When I pick up this book, a lady told me it's quite dry. She can't get pass page 5 of the book. I did managed to get beyond page 5. Read it till the end and I agree with her opinion.

The main character, Maggie, was weak. I find it that it's hard for me to love her despite her pitiful plead that her husband is two timing her by going out with another woman. For one thing, who is she to complain as she was pining for a "closure" from her ex-boyfriend who ditched her without a word.

The plot was rather tame. Nothing much in terms of surprising twist or things like that.

However, this will not deter me from reading other books from this author as a friend told me this author have some real good books.

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  1. Not an author I'm familiar with but I know she is very popular here in England and keep meaning to pick up one of her books but, alas, never seem to.


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