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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

Sorry for the long silence. Been rather busy with my hoard of books from the Big Bad Wolf Sale. Went there three rounds. Bought over 100 books. Getting book mad already

Here is a book that I got from the BBWS "The Last Song" by Nicholas Sparks. I finished this in just a few hours. Guess this speaks how much I like this book.

The story is about 17 years old Veronica(Ronnie) who was "forced" to spend time with her father. Her parents was divorced and she was angry at her father. The out of the blue, her mom thinks its best that she and her brother to spend the summer with her father in North Carolina.

Her father was a former concert pianist and was her former teacher. He now lives in a small town by the beach. When Ronnie arrived there she rejected all her father's attempt to be her friend.

Unwittingly she got caught up with the town's gang headed by the scary Marcus. Marcus wanted her but he gives her the creeps.

Ronnie bumped into Will. He is the town heartthrob. Slowly, Ronnie let down her guard and fell in love. In doing so, she also got to know her father better.

This is a story of young love, friendship, love between parent and their child and most important of all is the love of God. How the love can hurt us and how it can heal us.

Some people may not like this book as it's not that realistic coz all the condition were very ideal to begin with. There were no grudged between the divorced parents; Ronnie and Will were sensible kids to begin with.

For me, this book leaves me with a warm and fuzzy feeling. It's like being young again with no encumbrance in life, bright future with a dose of uncertainty ahead and stuffs like that. When I read this book, I felt light.

I felt that in this book, the author had reveal more of his relationship with God than in any of his other book. There are many reference made regarding God's will.

As usual, be prepare for a hint of heart break at the ending though things are made stronger by it. I recommend this book for those who needs a dose of hope and to feel young again.


  1. I love Nicholas Sparks books. Btw u damn keng - 100 books!

  2. OOh. I loved this as well ! :) Terribly excited to hear more about what you got at the BBWS. I went there four times. Terrible pocket damage but VERY worth it :P ...

  3. I watched the movie which starred Miley Cyrus. Made me weep :)
    I am sure the book was good too as is most of Nicholas Sparks books.


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