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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Baker's Wife by Erin Healy

Geoff Bofinger was a pastor until he was fired from the Ministry based on a lie which rocks the community. However, both Geoff and his wife Audrey were not the type that give up easily.

They start up a new business that blossom from their hobby. They opened up a Bakery. Helping them to run it was their son Ed. Life was challenging enough for them. Nevertheless, the family struggle to hang in there and face the storm that comes upon them.

One morning foggy morning, Audrey hit something when she was driving to work. When she got down and investigate all she saw at the scene was a  motor scooter and there was blood everywhere. The weird thing is that there was no body insight.

The motor scooter belongs to a local school teacher who happens to be the wife of Police Detective, Jack Mansfield.

As the case hits dead end, Jack was convinced that Audrey had something to do with the disappearance of his wife's body. He stormed into the bakery and took everyone hostage. Gave Audrey time to produce his wife body or else......

Audrey had to relay on her special gift and the help of two person of which one was an ex-convict while the other was a teenager to help her solve the mystery and save her family.

This book is a page turner for me as the storyline was well paced  and exciting.

The characters were well developed and believable. Each have their good and their bad.

What I like about this books is that Audrey have the ability to sense what other people is suffering. Something like psychic power. It makes the story feel more mysterious and thrilling.

I would recommend this for those who love to read a good mystery .

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