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Sunday, October 31, 2010

How the Hangman Lost His Heart by K.M Grant

Won this book from one for BookXcess Blog Bonanza quite sometime ago.

This is a historical comedy book where the heroine, Alice de Granville, is the niece of a "traitor". Her Uncle Frank was beheaded and she went for the execution. She went to take his Uncle Frank's body back but the King had proclaimed that all traitors head have to be put on a spike and to be display for the public.

Alice was convinced that her Uncle Frank body should be "reunited" with his head. She went and stole the head.

Hence begin a series of hilarious and thrilling escapes.

A light hearted book. Easy to read. Suitable for teens.


  1. sounds funny :) even though the premise seems a bit grotesque..hehe

  2. Hidayah

    Quite hillarious. Good for a laugh :D

  3. Eh.... the cover really creative leh... cantik... sounds a bit spooky to me... not scary story ah?

  4. hehehe. its feel like a good read! i so want to go book shopping spree. :D

  5. Cleff

    Not scary . It's comedy. Funny one.

  6. Sounds like ngam me wor. Looking for something light and funny to read. Can pinjam the next time we meet? Hehehe.


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