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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Stepmother by Carrie Adams

3 main characters. Bea - the ex -wife, Tessa-the future wife and James-the man

Bea and James used to be the perfect couple. In fact everyone called them Jimbean. But then Bea divorced James for some reason. In everyone eyes, she is the perfect mother. Volunteers in school and totally devoted to her kids and husband. She is the SUPERWOMAN. Then why did the perfect marriage failed?

Tessa nearing 40s and still single. She is a successful lawyer. She fell in love with James who is a divorcee with 3 kids, one which is a teenager. James seems to be the perfect man.

James,seemingly the most attentive ex-husband. In fact Bea had hopes of getting back together with him. But the suddenly James burst her bubble. He found himself a girlfriend, Tessa. Bea wanted to hate Tessa and so does her kids. In their opinion, Tessa is the evil stepmother.

Tessa, young, slim and beautiful and have a successful career as an entertainment lawyer but she is totally at lost on how to deal with the kids and the "clinging" ex-wife.

Meantime, James seems to be not taking any sides and in fact look to be running away from responsible.

But somehow, the three of them managed to find away around all the emotions.

There is really no right and wrong in this book. It depend on ones perception. At first, I hated Bea for divorcing James and then wanting him back But then later on she gave good reason.

Then I hated James for not being there when Tessa needed him and when he refuses to see reason when Tessa tried to reason with him. However, he managed to admit his mistake and he was doing what he had thought is best for everyone.

As for Tessa, she seems so childish at times. Bearing grudge against her eldest step daughter. And she have a reason to dislike the step daughter.

At first I thought this book is just another Chic-lit book. No need to use brain. But I was wrong. A lot of emotional stuffs in it. Not a book to be read when you are tired or emotionally drained.

I give this book 3 out of 5.


  1. I think if I started reading probably difficult for me to stop. And then kids will come kacau ask me to read for them. :P

  2. Chee yee

    You know the book Tuesday With Morrie? My friend's son who was 7 years old asked the mother to read to him. The mother not enought time to read, he end up reading the book by himself and finished it. I really salute the boy. Anyway, the boy is very guai and then "sang seng".

  3. COngrats on your new blog! Wah, this blog is dedicated to book reviews. I wish I have the time to indulge in reading fiction.

  4. Alice

    Thanks. This blog is for book reviews and ranting LOL

  5. Then this book is not for me... since it can depress people... you see... I can be easily emotional after reading books... that is why i prefer to read historical or memoirs... oredi can anticipate bad endings...

  6. Cleff

    I think this book is for you la. U like to put a lot of "halangan" one


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