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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Message From An Unknown Chinese Mother By Xinran

Just finished this book last night. It's about adoption in China and the anguish of the women who give birth to female baby.

At first I thought main it's because of poverty but as I read on, I really felt heart sick for the women in China during that era. Giving birth to a male heir is the up most important thing in China. The first child must be male or else woe will come to the woman and child

Baby girls have very low chance of survival in China especially during the One Child Policy was implemented. Should a woman give birth to a baby girl. The baby girl would be killed/murdered. Some killed by the mid-wife, some by the in-law and some even by the mother herself. And if the woman kept on giving birth to baby girl, she is considered as useless.

Apart from that baby girls were given up for adoption so that the baby girl will have a better life in other country.

The stories in this book really opened my eyes.

One of the touching part of this book is that Xinran hungers for her mother's love. She have a mother but it seems that love was being withheld.

I guess what makes this book so touching is that all the stories there are real life stories. And even Xinran herself have experienced loosing her foster daughter. I hope someday she will be reunited with her foster daughter once again.


  1. aww so sad, not only in china but also in india. they favor boy over girl. as if boy is better . sad story indeed.

  2. Eh... I've read a similar story... forget by whom, but it's not about Chinese culture, but Arabian culture during the Pharoah's time where baby boys are killed instead of baby girls.

  3. GoldFlower

    Kesian the woman. They carry the baby for 9months then have to kill the baby if it is a girl.

    Don't say ah...Msia also got like that but not to the extend of killing bb girl la.

  4. Cleff

    The one you read was ancient time. But this one is happening in China recently like the last 50 years wor. Xinran born 1958..and it happen during her lifetime. Kesian her. She love that baby girl and wanted to adopt the baby. But the 1 Child Policy forced her to put it into the orphanage. Her boss said if she ignore the ruling, she will kena fired and even her boss will kena also.Very cham

    She went and visit the Baby hoping one day the policy would change but mana tau one day the orphange "hilang-ed". The baby dont know gone where.

  5. good books always have good storyline :)

  6. Ken

    This one has. The sad thing is that the stories are true stories. Xinran even forced to see a baby girl being "murdered".

  7. sad when society dictates the worth of a child .. all children are precious gifts can ppl be so cruel?

  8. Hidayah

    sometimes they are forced to be cruel.

  9. Sad stories ah? Don't feel like reading one now. Want to look for something happy or good ending one. I have finished My Favorite Wife. The second part of the story made me feel disappointed with Bill. And don't quite like the ending too.


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