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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Perfect Day By Richard Paul Evan

A friend loan me two Richard Paul Evan's book for nearly a year. I have tried reading this a few months ago but the "mood"  just wasn't there.Have you ever found yourself to be in need of a certain mood to read a certain book? I have considering to return the books to her without reading but decided to give it a try once again.

Robert met Allyson before her fathers death.  Allyson's mother had pass on some years ago and her father single handed raised her. Their relationship was very close. So close that her father wanted her to have a perfect day before he tell her that he was dying. He hopes that the man who marry Allyson would love her as much as he loves her. Robert promised Allyson's dad that.

Robert wanted to be a writer his whole life but he had to keep his dream in abeyance and take up a job in a Radio Station in order to support his family.  However, the family was happy

One day, lightning strike. He was fired from his job. Ally then urge him to go after his dream of being a writer. For more than 3 months he gave all he have and wrote a book.

The book was based on Ally and her father's relationship and their last days together. He sent to 25 agents but on and on he kept receiving rejection letters. Ally was always there to comfort him and urge him not to give up hope. He was like a zombie when he kept receiving those rejection letters. He gave up hope and went to work as a water sprinkler installer with his brother.

Then he received a call from and agent. The agent love the book. From then on he gain fame and fortune. He suddenly have millions of fans and constantly on book tour. This leaves Ally and their daughter very much alone at home. There were constant broken promises to Ally.

The gulf between them deepen till they could no longer stay together. Like Chinese saying "able to through hardship together but unable to go through being wealthy together".

The book agent felt very bad at this. Coz she felt it's her fault . Somehow she had managed to break up this wonderful family unit.

Then Robert had a strange encounter. A man he met told him that he have till New Year to live. At first Robert did not believe him but then the man seems to know everything about him and even things that he didn't tell people  and the man even managed to predict a few future incidences.

This convinced Robert and he suddenly realised his folly and set on to rectify his error. He dare not hope to win Ally back but at least he hope to be there for his family with what ever time he had left.

I finished this book in a day. This just show how good this book is. I am so glad that I gave this book another try. Sometimes I just need the mood to be right to read a certain book.

Thank you very much, Jenna, for lending me this book for such a long time


  1. Yes, sometimes need the 'mood' to read certain book. I've been trying to start Terry Pratchett... but each time start... kenot... keep stuck... must let the mood come. And sometimes... mystery books same too... must need to wait got the wind, the rain... the coldness... if not cold weather... I sure read those Indiana Jones or Treasure hunting kind of books wan! =D

  2. Me too...Tried to Read Terry Prachett Jingo but kept tarak "wind" yet LOL

  3. I need mood to read, not about certain book, is any book! LOL!

  4. Chee Yee

    That's why need to buy so many books right. If not in mood for one book maybe will be in mood for another


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