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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Terrific Photos From EOE Online

Still remember my post on trying out EOE Online last week? I received the photographs a few days ago.

Bought these two photos album from them at RM5 each. Each album can fit 80 pieces of 4R size photo. The front and back cover is made of plastic. To me, the price is reasonable.

The photos turns out quite good especially outdoor photos with a lot of greenery because EOE Online use FUJI paper to print.

The color turns out very good.

This is what happen when I can't make up my mind on which photo to print and wish to save some $$. I collage them all into a print. I was not sure what page format to use when creating the collage. Whether A4 or Letter Paper or others. Hence, I simply choose one, upload the photo and hoped for the best. Lucky for me the EOE Online staffs were very alert and adjusted photos so that it would fit the 8R size without having the head "chop" off.

Will I use EOE Online service again? Definitely a "YES".


  1. The photo album looks very nice. And oh the staff so good will adjust the photo for you? Last time my colleague was complaining to me all those collage that she sent for printing do not come out good. Maybe their service have improved now.


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