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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Gap Year For Grown Ups by Annie Sanders

Sarah Lewis is married with a predictable husband, David and two grown kids who are twins. They have just moved out to go to college.

Now Sarah is having a sort of empty nest syndrome. She felt bored and frustrated of doing the same thing daily. She got married to early and had not enjoyed life before being saddle with a family to take care off. Now the kids have gone, she felt there must be something more to life than this.

One day, she just can't take it any more and she told her husband that she is leaving. She left and went to France. She stayed with her bestie. Before long, she had her music and the company of a gorgeous man. But soon, disaster struck.

This books is not your typical chit lit as it dives into issues regarding family like her daughter Claire hanging out with the wrong crowds, extra-marital affairs and the result on the family and children.

However, this book did not click with me as I find that Sarah is a very shallow woman. A rather selfish one. Although she have blabber that she have made a lot of sacrifice in the marriage, but who did not?

For me, the emotions expressed by the characters in this book were lacking of authenticity. Nothing outstanding that makes me cry or makes me laugh.

The ending was too perfect.

This may be a good read for others as each person have different preference in books

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