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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Slumgirl Dreaming : My Journey to the Stars by Rubina Ali with 2 Others

I am not fond of biography as some tend to drag. I prefer memoir as it's less formal.

Saw this thin memoir selling at Bookxcess the other day. I had read the book, Slumdog Millionaire and watched part of the show. I love the book, Slumdog Millionaire very much. Hence when I saw this, I was curious as I recalled there was a scandal about this not so long ago.

It tells the story of young Rubina Ali who lived in the bleak of poverty in the slum in Mumbai. From young she thought everywhere else is the same as the slum she was born in. That is until she was old enough to watch Television drama which makes her dream of a live as an actress.

She was lucky as she was selected from among 500 slum children to be in the multi-Oscar winning film by Danny Boyle- Slumdog Millionaire.

This book tells the story how she lived before she was selected for the film and what transpired during the filming and the subsequent stardom.

At the end of the book she expressed some regrets and her disappointment on empty promises by certain people to her and her family. But life goes on.

I found that this is an easy read. Finished this book in two hours. Yes, very interesting.

The way she described her life in the slum and the aftermath was captivating.

In this book she seems to be more far mature for her age. This does raise some doubts in my mind. I am not sure whether this is true or it's just window dressing. Do we ever really know a person? Sometimes, we don't even know ourselves.

Nevertheless, there was a nice feeling when reading this. Who doesn't like the story of Ugly Duckling turning into a Swan?


  1. Having enjoyed the book but not the film, I had no idea of any kind of scandal - I shall be certain to keep an eye out for this, thanks for recommending it.


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