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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Don't Look Twice By Andrew Gross

Life was good for the local detective, Ty Hauck. Though he was divorced, the break was a amicable one. He gets to see his daughter and he have a new girl friend.

But then a day trip with his daughter to downtown turned into a blood bath when a gunman suddenly open fire into the store.

From a glance it looks like a revenge. But is it as simple as that. As Ty dig future, many parties seems to tried to advice him to change his course and do not pursue the investigation.

He was determined to get to the bottom of it. How far is he willing to go? The more he dig, he does not only put himself in danger but also of his family. Even his en strangled brother Warren also seems to be entangled in all of it.

I find that Ty is not a lovable character. Someone just opened fire at them and his daughter were in shock. Yet all he can think of is his work. Left the daughter to go to the hospital alone.

I love the beginning and the middle but when comes to the ending, I was kinda lost. The reason for the blood bath was just too big to digest

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