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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Miss Hargreaves by Frank Baker

This is a typical tale of why we should not tell lies, for adult.

Norman Huntley and his friend Henry were in a church when they “invented” an 83 year old woman, Ms Hargreaves. Then they thought it’s funny to post a letter to this “Ms Hargreaves” and invited her to come over for a visit.

It was fun while it lasted. But imagine their surprise when Norman received a letter from a Miss Hargreaves saying that she would be pleased to pay him a visit. At first, they assumed someone were pulling their legs.

As the day drawn near, they start to panic as many things they invented seems to be coming true..up the the part about a Harp..

That day they met the train, and to their surprise Ms Hargreaves was every bit like what they have thought up, including the dog and the parrot.

Here arrival really brought havoc to Norman’s life. People start to wonder where did they meet and speculate. He tried telling the truth to his father and girlfriend. His father believed him but his girlfriend was doubtful.

In order to cover one lie, Norman have to invent more lies.

The matter turn worse for Norman when he had a fight with Ms Hargreaves and she started to make his life miserable.

How can he get back to his life again? How to make Ms Hargreaves go away?

This is a very interesting and not to say funny book. It have it’s funny moment. Very descriptive on funny moments.

I love the eccentric Miss Hargreaves and felt that it serves Norman right for telling lies. It's not that he wanted to tell lies but it's like a norm to him to talk without thinking.

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