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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cirque Du Freak - Killers of The Dawn by Darren Shan

This is the 9th book of the series. I have read book 1 to 3 and reviewed it here.

In this book, Darren Shan have become a Vampire Prince and is one of the 3 people selected who can kill Lord of The Vampaneze. Killing Lord of Vampaneze will brings the end of War of the Scars.

Darren Shan and his allies were lead into a trap by Steve Leopard(once was Darren's best friend). When they were in the tunnel, they discovered that Steve is actually a half Vampaneze. Debbie (Darren's Ex-Gf) was captured by the Vampaneze.

In turns, Darren and his allies managed to capture Steve and another Vampet.

They ran to hide in their old hide out but then they were caught by the police because of an anonymous tip. Suddenly, Daren and his allies found that they are Public Enemy number one. Everyone is hunting for them.

The Police "rescued" Steve and put Darren and his allies in to jail. They thought Darren and his allies were the ones who have been killing humans. Darren tried to tell the Police that they were not the ones that the Police wanted.

Meantime, Steve regained consciousness and escaped from the hospital. In his escape, he killed two nurses and Police officers who had helped him. Ungrateful fella.

In the confusion created by Steve's escape, Darren managed to escape too. He help Mr Crepsley and Harkat to escape too.

They thought of running and hide under the tunnels but the Vampets were there to chase them out. The Vampaneze chase them to the surface so that they are exposed to the sun.

They managed to meet up with Vancha, another Vampire Prince who are selected to kill the Lord of Vampaneze. Vancha have with him the Chief of Police, Alice.

When night time, Darren and their allies realises that they must have the final showdown with the Vampaneze. Alice did not believe that they are the good guys but still gave them the benefit of the doubt. They went down into the tunnels again. This round they met face to face with Lord of Vampaneze.

Steve were there. And they traded prisoner.

It was time for the showdown. Mr Crespsley was selected for the final fight with Lord of the Vampaneze. He managed to kill the Lord of the Vampaneze. But in turns, when he was trying to kill Steve, he was sabotaged. He gave up his life o save Darren and the rests. Steve got off free. But before he went off, he revealed a horrible news to Darren.

For me it's sort of hard reading this book especially since I have yet to read book 4 to book 9 of this series. Did not know what happen in between but I slowly got the hang of it. The book was very thrilling.

I was sort of surprised to find Steve is now in league with the Vampaneze. For your information, Steve was Darren's best friend before Darren become a half vampire. Darren become a half Vampire when he was trying to save Steve's life.

Steve had wanted to be a Vampire but Mr Crepsley tested his blood and found that Steve is evil through and through. He refused to turn Steve into a Vampire but blooded Darren instead. This makes Steve hate Darren for he thought Darren had taken what should have been his. And he also vowed that he will kill Mr Crepsley.

I felt rather sad and frustrated at the end of this book. There was an unexpected ending. Looks like the chase is still on.


  1. Ishhh... really freak... the cover oso freaky...

  2. Alamak, I read your synopsis already pening liao. LOL!

  3. Cleffairy

    Cirque Du Freak is a freak show where they show boy white snake scales...and all weird things

  4. Chee Yee

    If you are from book one the it will be different


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