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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Kiss By Danielle Steel

Isabelle Forrester is the wife of a Parisian Banker, Gordon. Gordon had long shut his heart to her. Now she lives for her daughter and her invalid son, Teddy.

Bill Robinson a power broker  from Washington is also trapped in a loveless marriage.

Isabelle and Bill met through her husband, Gordon. They conducted their relationship..if you can call it that through long distance telephone calls that is until one day both had the opportunity to meet u for a few days in London.

They fell in love with each other when the finally meet up and as there were kissing a horrible accident happen. Both nearly died.

Then the long healing journey begins. Things seems to have brightens when another tragedy struck. This may cause unamendable break between them.

I found this story is a bit frustrating. There seems to have endless obstacle thrown to them again and again. Poor love birds. Just like Shattered Heart by Cleffairy.

The characters are well developed. I really hated Gordon for his domineering ways and pity Isabella for her innocent. Gordon have been dishonest since the beginning and he was so mean as to put the blame on Isabella.

Overall, this is an average read


  1. Both Isabelle and Bill are having an affair?

    Btw I like the cover. I fall in love with this painting when I first saw it in Spain. :)

  2. Chee Yee

    The thing is both of them were not having an affair. Just talking over the phone but later on fell in love.

    terbalik their spouse having affair. Especially the horrible Gordon. Pretend to be so good and upright man. But behind been keeping a misstress. Then he "ngok yan sin koh chong" and accuse Isabelle pulak.


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