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Thursday, January 20, 2011

InkHeart By Cornelia Funke

The first time I read this book was a few years ago. Chen Chzan loan me her nephew's copy of Inkheart and told me it's a very good book. Something like Harry Potter type.

I fell in love with it. Then, not long after that I managed Inkspell from 2009 Big Bad Wolf Sale.. Thanks to Newton who informed me of hat terrific sale.

Then last November, I saw The Big Bad Wolf Sale have the whole series. I grabbed myself a set for collection.

It sure feel great to "meet" old friends once again. Love Mortimer(Mo) the bookbinder, love Meggie his daughter and even the villain, Capricorn.

In Inkheart, Mo is a bookbinder who have a lovely voice. So lovely that it could make the characters he read in a book comes alive. But there is a penalty in that. One thing come out, another thing must go in. That was was he discover to his greatest regret when he was reading InkHeart to his wife, Resa and 3 year old daughter, Meggie. He inadvertently read some characters out from the book, including the evil Capricorn and his followers. In return, Resa was sucked into the book.Since then, Mo had stopped reading out loud.

Nine years later, Dustfinger came knocking at his door. He was one of the characters that Mo read out from the Inkheart. He was desperately unhappy and wanted to go back to his own world. He came to warn Mo that Capricorn is looking for all copies of Inkheart and wants to destroy the book so that no one can come and go between the two world and that he also wanted Mo to read treasure out for him.

Dustfinger betrayed Mo and he was captured by Capricorn. Meggie and her aunt Elinor(a book collector) and the repentant Dustfinger decided to rescue Mo. But they don't have Inkheart anymore. Mo accidentally read out, Farid, from the Arabian Night and together they thought up a plan. They decided to find the author of Inkheart, Fenoglio. He should have a copy. Unfortunately his copy was stolen too.The only copy left was in the hands of Capricorn and his with-like mother Mortola

Then Fenoglio and Meggie was captured too by Capricorn and when he discovered that Meggie also have the gift of reading things out from the book, she was forced to take her father place. The evil Capricorn planned for Meggie to read a horrible creature, The Shadow, out from the book.

Fenoglio helped Meggie to write new words for the book and managed to thwart Capricorn's plan. Capricorn falls dead. His mother vowed revenge.

Unfortunately for all is that Fenoglio was sucked into Inkworld in return.

With Dustfinger's help, Meggie and her father was reunited with her mother who lost her voice when passing in between both world.

This is a really page turning book I can still recall burning midnight oil reading this book.

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  1. Gosh, Inkheart... I love Inkheart...really a captivating book... thumbs up for this one.


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