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Saturday, January 22, 2011

InkSpell by Cornelia Funke

Inkworld is really something. The first two books were so good that I can't help grabbing one more set of Inkworld book from the Big Bad Wolf Sale for my niece.

Gosh...the last I heard from mother-in-law is that the girl nose was in between the Inkworld pages though the next day she have examinations in school. But what can I say. The girl is a genius and have always done well in every examination.

Inspell continues with Dustfinger going away together with Farid with the only copy of Inkheart. Farid idolise Dustfinger and wish to learn to be a fire eater.

Dustfinger finally found someone who can read him back into Inkworld. That man is  Orpheus a petty criminal. Orpheus read Dustfinger back into Inkworld but not Farid. Farid was left holding the book. He got no place to go so he went back to Meggie and Mo.

Meggie discovered to her delight that she can read Dustfinger and herself into Inkworld and she did. There they met with a band of strolling player headed by Black Prince. They went to Ombra, the capital city of Lombrica. They found Fenoglio there.

Ombra was mourning at the death of their ruling prince's son, Cosimo the Fair. Cosimo was killed by Firefox, a follower of the evil Capricorn.The city also under the threat from Adderhead who ruled Argenta. Adderhead's daughter, Violante is Cosimo's widow.

Dustfinger was finally reunited with his wife, Roxane. Roxane was once a minstrel woman but now is a healer. Dustfinger was surprised to know that his daughter, Brianna was now Violante's maid and hates him.

Meantime in our world, the bad Orpheus team up with the evil Capricorn's moher, Mortola and the Hench man Basta come to Elinor's house. Orpheus is to read them and Mo into Inkworld because Mortola believe that Capricorn is still alive in Inkworld .

Mortola was very angry when she discovered it is not so and she shoots and wounded Mo. In haste, Resa grabbed Mo's hand and they went into Inkworld. There she nurses Mo devotedly and kept the White Woman away. Kept them from taking Mo to Death. They met the strolling player who mistook Mo as the Bluejay(some sort of Robinhood)

In our world, Elinor and Darius was still imprisoned in her house by Orpheus. Darius was Capricorn's former reader.

In the other world, Meggie and Fenoglio combined their talent and brought Cosimo back to life again hoping that Cosimo will be the champion of his people once again. Unfortunately, Cosimo's campaign failed and lead to many death...including himself. Fenoglio was very sad and vowed never to write again.

Mo and Resa was captured. Mo and Meggie was forced to binder a book called the White Book which would make Adderhead immortal. Adderhead promised to release them in return for that. He did released them but he also set his men against their friends.

In the confusion Farid was killed. Dustfinger bargained with the White women to take Farid place in return. Farid was distraughted to find that his "sifu" had taken his place and persuaded Fenoglio to write words that bring Orpheus into Inkworld hoping that he may be able to read Dustfinger back to life again.....

That was the end of this book...left hanging. Very  exciting. The description of Inkworld was so vivid that I can see the blue fairies and glass men running around.


  1. InkSpell is the sequel of InkHeart right? :)

    I've watched the movie InkHeart.. :D

  2. InkSpell is the sequel of InkHeart right? :)

    I've watched the movie InkHeart.. :D

  3. Jemsen

    Yup..there are 3 books altogether. :D

    I wonder is there a movie on this. I have watched Inkheart too

  4. I love Inheart trilogy... damn nice, very engaging, the author is really talented. Inkheart trilogy is very engaging...but i love Inkspell the most. I have yet to read Inkdeath...

  5. I have yet to read this one. Looks like many characters. Need to find a good day to read it. LOL!

  6. Clefairy

    1st two books okay but 3rd book rather confusing


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