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Monday, January 10, 2011

Cirque Du Freak- Lord of The Shadows by Darren Shan

This is the 11th book of the series and so far one of the most intense book. In this book, Darren Shan is going home. The Cirque Du Freak is going to Darren Shan's hometown. A hometown where he left when he was turned into a half vampire. He faked his death and all his friend and family have no idea he is still alive. He had not aged much but they have all grown much older.

When the came to his home town he was apprehensive and yet keen to know the fate of his parents and sister. He discovered that his parents had moved away that his sister Annie is still staying at their old home with her son. The father was unknown. But Darren decided not to contact her. Let them think that he is dead

Apart from that, Darren also discovered a prophecy by Mr Tiny that the one who kill The Lord of Vampaneze would be the next Lord of the Shadow for that is written in destiny.

Darren hang around the Cirque most of the time and one day Harkat and Darren found a boy named Delcan snooping around the Cirque. They chatted with him and Harkat found that Delcan is more than what he lead on. Darren gave Delcan a ticket to the performance after some consideration.

That night they were looking for Declan but he did not turn up. Instead, Darren came face-to-face with his old friend Tommy. Tommy was very surprised to see that Darren is still alive and have not aged a bit. Before departing, Tommy arrange to meet Darren at the Stadium the next day and said that he have to tell Darren something about Steve Leopard.

Before Tommy managed to talk further with Darren, he was murdered.

There was a shock for Darren for at the murder scene, he saw Declan or later made know to him by Steve that Declan real name is Darius...his son. In the confusion, Darren and his allies managed to capture Darius but in turn Steve and his allies captured Shancus who is Darren's god son.

There was to be an exchange of prisoners but at the very last  minute Steve killed Shancus and he dares Darren to do the same to Darius who is his own son. Steve was pure evil through and through. Not above from using a poor innocent child 

Darren saw red and would have killed Darius if Steve had not shouted for the boy to call out his mother's name.

It was a real heart wrenching moment. 

I really really hated Steve Leopard in this book. How can he use a small child...a child who is of his own flesh and blood as a tool for his vengeance?  And also to destroy a life for the fun of it . He does not have to kill Shancus for Darren was willing to give everything for Shancus. Steve purposely snuff out Shancus life for what he thought would hurt Darren the most. And all this is for what??? Just because he mistakenly thought Darren had taken what rightfully should have been his?

Oh what a pure evil heart...guess even in the real world there are these sort of person. What horror it would be if this sort of person been given the power to rule and to teach young how Steve had twisted Darius young and innocent mind against the Vampires


  1. Some people really have no conscience... no conscience at all, and it's not surprising that they used children for their own benefit and ill intention. You know something? It does not only happen in stories.

  2. I know there is such people in this world. That's why there are clid abuse cases.


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