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Monday, January 24, 2011

InkDeath By Cornelia Funke

This last book of Inkworld starts with Farid is unable to let go of Dustfinger and had Orpheus read into Inkworld to resurrect Dustfinger. Unfortunately, Orpheus was a greedy and self center man who is more interested personal comfort and getting more treasure from Inkworld than helping Farid to bring Dustfinger back to life again. Or rather he was lack of the ability.

Adderhead and his men are constantly trying to capture Mo for he wants Mo to bind a new White Book. In previous story, Mo binded The White Book for Adderhead to secure his immortality but then he also did something to the book. The book is now turning rotten and falling apart and so does Adderhead.

Meantime, Mo was getting used to being "Bluejay" and had becoming more daring and reckless. Resa noticed that and she worried. She was desperate to leave Inkworld especially now that she is expecting another child.

She went to Fenoglio for help but Fenoglio have all worn out and is nothing but an old drunk. She went to Orpheus for help but Orpheus named a terrible price. He wants Mo to summons The White Women and he plans to exchange Mo for Dustfinger.

The White Women came but Death would be bound by no one let alone that twerp Orpheus. Death agreed to release Dustfinger and Mo on condition that Mo gave him Adderhead who is immortal. Failing which, Death would not only take Dustfinger and Mo but also Meggie too.

Mo was puzzling how to do that when opportunity came in the for of Violante, Adderhead's daughter who wants to kill her father for she can't stand to see the people suffer.

Mo "surrendered" himself to Violante in order to save the children. Together they journey to the castle where the White Book is kept. But then they plans went wrong. Orpheus went and work for Adderhead and told him of Violante alliance with the robbers.

Dustfinger, Brianna and Mo was imprisoned. In order to help his daughter, Dustfinger betrayed Mo. But Resa managed to come in the form of a Swift to keep Mo's sanity. Dustfinger and Resa searched the castle for the White Book futily while Mo was forced to bind a new White Book. At the very last moment Jacopo betrayed his grandfather, Adderhead and h=gave the book to Mo so that he can write the 3 words that will brings an end to Adderhead.

Orpheus bet on the wrong team and had to flee while Fenoglio starts to write again. Violante become the new ruler of Ombra. She ruled with kindness.

Farid wanted to go travelling and asked Meggie to join him but Meggie found that she is no longer in love with Farid. Later she married Doria.

Meggie had a little brother. They continued to live in Inkworld but he is keen to come to our world after hearing so much about it.

I find that this book is less interesting than the previous two books. The supporting characters seems to be over shadowing the main ones and the story kept jumping here and there. Some part kept dragging on and on while some parts just pop up without much explanation. Needs to have a very wide imagination to keep track with it all.Could it be because the author lost her husband when she was writing this book?  


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