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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Irresistible Inheritance of Wilberforce By Paul Torday

Story is about Wilberforce who is addicted to Red Wine.

At first he was just flirting with it. Then an aquintance, Francis, sold him a cellar full of wine. He learn to love wine

Later on it got the better of him and he had to drink more and more each day. He spend a fortune in buying and drinking wine.

It is interesting how this book is written. The beginning of this book is the ending of this book. Confused? Well, you just have to read it to understand it.

It was tantalising how the author decided to reveal bit by bit of the story.

To me the story itself is nothing much. But the way it was written, makes it interesting.


  1. Just a story telling about Wilberforce addicted to the wine? Interesting. :)

  2. Chee Yee

    The story itself may not be that interesting but gotta admire the way itwas written. The story was told "gostan" instead of striaght forward


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