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Friday, February 10, 2012

Iron Fey Series : Iron king by Julie Kagawa

Brief Description :

The series starts off with Iron King. Meghan was turning 16 that year but she is not your normal teenager. There is something special about her.

She discovered the truth one day when her younger step brother, Ethan, gone missing. He was kidnapped. In his place, they left a changeling.

Thus, this is the beginning of her quest to Faeryland (Fairyland) to rescue her brother. Along her side was her best friend, Robbie, who happens to have a secret of his own.

In Faeryland, some secrets were finally revealed. Even though it was not her fault, Meghan made some very deadly enemies and had become pawn in feud between two Courts; The Summer Court who is head by King Oberon and Winter Court headed by Queen Mab.

What made it worse is that Meghan was strongly attracted to the handsome ice prince from the Winter Court, Prince Ash who would not hesitate to kill her in a blink of an eye in view of the feud between the two Courts.

However, some circumstances force Prince Ash, Meghan and Robbie whose alternate identity is Puck, to join force and journey together to rescue Ethan.

There they discovered a new race of deadly faery....Iron Faery.

They managed to rescue Ethan but not before Meghan was given something unexpected and lost something in return.

My Comment :

I was hooked from page one of this book.

As I read along, I had this dejavu feeling that the plots or stories feels familiar. Part of it was like Narnia. Some parts were like Grimm's Fairy Tales and most obvious was a  lot of it made me feels that I am reading a branch of The Never Ending Story.

For example, the Nevernever slowly dying. Poisoned by Iron. Iron from the dreams of modern society.  It is pretty similar to The Never Ending Story where the Land was being devoured by "the Nothing" and the characters/people/fairy in it will soon disappear as people in the mortal world no longer believe in fantasy.

In both books, the characters depend on people's imagination and memory to survive.

Please don't get me wrong. What I am trying to say is that I love this book as it is as good if not better than The Never Ending Story. The author have amazing talent to be able to churn out such a wonderful book.

When I read the first few pages of the book, I felt very "happy". The kind of happiness that only a fellow avid book lover would feel when they finds a good book. Have you ever had that kind of feeling? Guess, am doing a very bad job of reviewing this book as word just doesn't adequately describe the feeling.

Though this book is aim at young adults, but I am sure those who are young at heart would certainly love it too. I know I do.

I hope to be able to collect the full set of this series. However, I was told that for some reason unknown, hardcopies of this book is not available in Malaysia. This book is loan to me by a fellow book lover.


  1. I've read a lot of reviews of this, glad to know your thoughts, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  2. I was really hooked on this series when I started to read it. A friend recommended it to me.. initially I thought i wun like it cuz I don't really read YA genre...but I was really glad that I read this one...the author was really imaginative. looking forward to more of your Iron Fey reviews and what you thought of the story and it's characters. Which character is your fav? I'm curious.... I like Ash the most.

  3. Oh... the kidnapping part, abit like 'Labyrinth' a movie back in 80s, if I'm not mistaken. you can Google it and the heroine's half brother in the story was kidnapped too.


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